Heavy Beard Oil - Mint Eucalyptus (heavy-mint) - Reviews

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Heavy Beard Oil is a brand new type of beard care product. This product combines properties of beard oil and balm to give you the best of both worlds.  You get the ease of application, shine, softening of beard oil as well as the taming and...
Heavy Beard Oil Very pleased with the product. Texas Beard Company does it again. Thanks

Perfect for travel I love the heavy beard oil. It’s perfect for my on the go life style. It’s perfect to throw in the bag for work trips or vacation. It’s in the perfect sweet spot between traditional beard oil and cream. Love it, love it, love it!

Perfect for travel or everyday use This product is perfect for me, normally I use an oil and balm in the morning anyway so using this kills two birds with one stone with the same effect. I also travel a lot for work, sometime just a 1-2 day overnight trip sometimes for up to two weeks at a clip and this product is perfect for travel regardless of what I am doing.

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