Smoke House Beard Oil (oil-smoke) - Reviews

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Smoke House Beard Oil is our traditional beard oil recipe literally smoked in a cast iron dutch oven on my own personal smoker... one batch at a time. Beard Oil is a combination of all natural oils that help moisturize your beard, keep it...
Truly unique scent and a welcome change for me from the usual scents of beard oils.

Fort Wayne, Indiana
A surprisingly good scent! If you like the scent of a Smokehouse "BOOM HERE IT IS". The feel in beard is just tremendous! Does not feel oily! Feels really great! The scent wants to make you run out and fix a ham and bacon sandwich! This would be a great weekend type scent (Unless you work at a meat packing company or a butcher shop) when you are just being casual!

Enfield ct
Amazing!! I bought a bottle and using it for two days me and my fiancé both noticed my beard is darker thicker and has new growth I’ll definitely be buying more!!

Love the smell Smells of having a mesquite bbq

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