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Texas Beard Company handmade Mustache Wax provides a Medium hold for your beards best friend. Works great at holding a natural style mustache and keeping wild hairs out of your food hole.

Mustache wax helps hold, shape, style, condition, and volumize your mustache. All natural ingredients with no petroleum products.

This wax has no added fragrance or scent but has a light honey/sweet scent from the Beeswax and Pine Sap oil.

Available in a small 0.5oz tin or a larger 1oz tin.

  • Beeswax
  • Lanolin
  • Coconut Oil
  • Pine Sap extract

Customer Reviews

113 Reviews
Great hold!
This is the first wax that has successfully held my mustache in place for any length of time. The scent isn't very strong and honestly I can hardly smell it. If you're looking for a product to hold your beard's bff in place give this stuff a shot
Dayton, TN
Stash Wax
I love this product. The 0.5 oz fits in my pocket for stash maintenance throughout the day. The wax has a neutral smell. The product does it job!
Great stuff
Easy to apply, stays in place, great scent. Will keep on using it!!
Mustache Wax
I'm not an everyday user of mustache wax but the Texas Beard Co. Wax provides an excellent addition to their Beard Balm for some extra hold on difficult hairs

In both beard and mustache.
Nice Hold Without Being Too Thick
This is a great wax that offers a really nice amount of hold without being too thick or clumping. The scent is natural, and not overbearing. Overall, very satisfied with the wax.
The wax applies ok when you scrape a bit off with the edge of the wood Texas Beard Co. comb I ordered, which is great,..but it smells like our old dairy feed room. Maybe add an more pleasant odor..I'm getting used to it though....
Bullard Texas
Mustache wax
Thanks for fast delivery and the customer service. Great stuff
It seems too stiff I can't get enough on my fingers to apply it. If there is a trick please let me know what it is.
I combine this wax with my beard balm for the wax hold and the balm shine/scent. My only wish is for a bigger can of wax as my beard it large and needs to be shaped.
Austin, TX
I purchased a Balm/Oil Combo, Firm Brush (which I love), and Mustache Wax. Now, it could be that I'm just new to the whole beard care thing. And, I'm not one to judge based on one bad experience. The beard balm doesn't come out of the very easily, I have to dig it out and once I pt it in my beard it doesn't really tame it, and it leaves my face greasy the rest of the day. But, it smells really good. The oil is what it is.. It adds a shine and smells really good. The Mustache Wax I haven't quite figured out yet. I just rub my finger in it, and nothing really comes out. I just leave a finger print. Am I supposed to melt it first? OH, and I got some Beard Soap, it lathers good, leaves a squeaky clean feeling. Anyway, that's my review so far. I'm not gonna rate yall based on this (even though I have to rate at least 1 to submit this form). Like I said, it could just be my unfamiliarity with the whole lifestyle.
I ordered quite a bit of beard oil so i decided to try the mustache wax. It states that its light honey/sweet scent but to me it smelled like coal and it turned me off from it. I will still order from here as the other products are great.
Great Stuff
THis is the only mustache wax I will ever buy!
Good wax
Does exactly what I expected. Good working moustache wax.
Awesome wax
<p>The wax works awesome, definitely should've bought it sooner.</p>
Moustache wax
Been using the wax for a week now. Usually trim the stache down to within a 1/2" to keep it out of the way, but though it'd be fun to give it some length and style. This did the trick!
Beard oil and balm
Very nice product and we can use it very easily. Only issue i am facing is when we wash face with water the oily effect is not there . But i like your product very much .
Beard Wax
Loving the mustache wax, melts just enough between my fingers and gives my mustache an epic hold, normally take it with me daily for a little mustache tighty up after meals. Texas Beard Company definitely has me as a customer. Great Products at a Reasonable Price! Thanks LN
Selma, NC
Nice Wax
My mustache has always felt a bit behind my beard, always on the smaller/thinner side, so this wax works perfect for it, apply it in the morning before work, and normally holds completely fine for the first 4 hours of work, and still has some affect the last 4 hours of work. The hold on a day off of just sitting around is more or less the entire day for me. Very happy with the price to affect ratio for myself, overall seems to be a good tin of wax. Texas Beard Co has yet to disappoint me with any of the products I have ordered.
Good 'stache control
Holds hair in place well and out of my food. Smells of nothing which is cool so it doesn't clash with the beard balm
Kingwood Texas
Love the stache wax...keeps it nice all day
PA - Pennsylvania
Stache Wax
Does what it claims and actually use it more on my eyebrows than mustache.
Stache Wax
Difficult to get out of container but it works!
Mustace wax
This wax work pretty well, when i put it in, lasts for a few hours at the most. Melts easily on your finger tips. Smells like wax, i have the unscented kind. Overall i like it pretty good.
It is great I use it a few times a day. Love it . I'm buying one tin every time I purchase from hear.

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