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Texas Beard Company handmade Mustache Wax provides a Medium hold for your beards best friend. Works great at holding a natural style mustache and keeping wild hairs out of your food hole.

Mustache wax helps hold, shape, style, condition, and volumize your mustache. All natural ingredients with no petroleum products.

This wax has no added fragrance or scent but has a light honey/sweet scent from the Beeswax and Pine Sap oil.

Available in a small 0.5oz tin or a larger 1oz tin.

  • Beeswax
  • Lanolin
  • Coconut Oil
  • Pine Sap extract

Customer Reviews

153 Reviews
Great product!!
Works just as I need it to work!! would not use another product!!! Love all there products!!
Texas Beard Co. Mustache Wax
This stuff us great! I have tried the competitors and this mustache wax is amazing. Goes on smooth, easy, and has exceptional hold and keeps my mustache looking perfectly groomed and shaped throughout the entire day.
Beard Wax also for mustache
I ordered the small but will last me a while can that came with the guitar pick. I use a little on my mustache to keep it off the lips and to form the handle bars. I use a compression wrap with a handkerchief to keep it flat all day. The key is not to mess with it after molding it. It gets noticed and I am happy with it. I like that its a Texas company and beards and mustaches are a Texas native look. I am also a SIKH American and beards and mustaches are part of the culture also. I would recommend it. I have flown with the wax can in my backpack and no issues with TSA.
First Wax
Have only used this a couple of times as I am letting my mustache grow out so that it will be easier to handle. It has held my 'stache for the day so I know that as soon as able it will do exactly what I want it to.
Central Texas
Just what I was looking for!
I recently grew back my facial hair after many years of not having it. Needless to say, my mustache didn't want to cooperate, with my beard, and I had scraggly hairs sticking out all over the place (a little inconvenient having mustache hairs up your nose) and my wife would complain about them poking her when she'd kiss me. I had contemplated shaving it off again but found your mustache wax and it was just what I needed! Now I'm training my hair to lay down and flow with my beard. Wife is happy and I am too because I don't have to shave! I had used mustache wax before but seemed like all I could find was beard oil in the store and it just wasn't working for my stache. Looked online and found your product. Great product and I will definitely be buying more! Thanks!!
Grand Junction, CO.
Stout wax
I have an unruly mustache and this wax helps tame it.
It works great like that it doesnt have much of scent and doesnt leave greasy feeling only "bad" thing i could say about the product is the constant application of product due to it not holding for long
I have bought this particular wax on 2 or 3 different occasions over the past ten years or so and have been very satisfied with the company handling of my order and the product itself. it manages my mustache very well and has a nice scent to it. I only wished they had a rum scented wax. As long as they keep making this product and keep the quality, I'll keep buying it. THANKS
Mustache wax
Great wax...after using this wax, I would say it is a medium hold wax. I have a strong hold wax (different brand) but I don’t like to use it on my entire mustache. That’s where this wax comes in to play. I use this wax for my whole mustache, then on the ends (handlebars) I use the strong hold wax.

This is perfect for having a well groomed stache without the plastic feel/look. It’s also made in the great state of Texas.

Will definitely order again.
Bryan, TX
Love this stuff!!!
First time mustache wax buyer, the wax was much harder than I expected. I warmed it up with my blow dryer and the was softened. The guitar pick is a good idea to get the wax out of the tin.
Great wax
Having pretty much run the gauntlet on mustache was looking for that right combination of all day hold with a good look and feel the mustache, I ha e finally found the one for me. The Texas beard company wax for me is just hat I have bee. Looking for. It applies easily, doesn't feel like I'm going to rip half my stache off putting it on. Doesn't feel heavy on the stache yet gives you the all day hold that I'm looking for. Thanks
Buna Texas
Mustache wax
Great mustache wax and was delivered fast
Good stuff
After having a goatee for over 15 years, and then a full bead these past two years, I decided a few months ago to grow out my mustache from being short to be as viking-worthy as my beard. As it turned out, I was in need of some beard oil, as well.

I found Texas Beard Company from a search, and decided to try it. (I'll review that, separately). And, what the hey, throw in a can of mustache wax, too.

Now, I've never used mustache wax, before. So, I was kinda surprised by how hard it is to dig out of the tin. But, I gotta say, once I've applied it and brushed it through my ever-growing mustache, it does a fine job keeping those pesky hairs which I had heretofore kept trimmed short, out of my mouth, and thus, out of my food (and beer!).

A little definitely goes a long way. That probably goes along well with how difficult it is to scrape out of the tin, I suppose.

As far as it's lack of scent. I typically use either beard oil or balm at least once, and sometimes twice a day, so it's not that big of a deal. In fact, it is probably a plus, since I often change "smells" and I'd hate to have to by matching wax.

San Antonio, TX
Mustache wax
The wax works fine. I wish it came it different fragrances.
Best wax I have found yet
Great stuff, my mustache is a Kurt Russell, Wyatt Earp style, comb or brush through during the day with no second applications needed..
Texas Beard Balm and Mustache Wax
I have to share with you that I have tried and experimented with many different companies beard products and I have to say without a doubt "Texas Beard Company" has the best products for full, thick men's beards. I take great pride with my beard, am constantly receiving compliments. The fact that your products not only do what they are advertised to do but they absolutely go above and beyond my expectations. The beard balm keeps my beards perfect shape all day and your mustache wax keeps my old school mustache flawless. Being in Texas, my beard and mustache, go big or go home, your products are the best. Keep up the good work!
Austin, TX
Stache em and hold em
Very nice hold and easy to work with. Really like the size of the tin as it's easy to conceal. Would purchase it this product again!
Awesome wax
Was looking for a twist type wax (chapstick like) product, but loved their oil so much, I figured I’d contact them. They were helpful, and didn’t lie about not having a twist type wax and informed me the wax comes with a guitar pick to help get the wax out. Was comes out of the tin with ease and holds all day. Love it!
New Jersey
it works
The small wax comes in a tiny tin, which is easy to carry. That was a pleasant surprise. Has a mild honey smell which you don't notice when it's in your 'stache. It will require some reapplication through the day. I just scrape a little with the top of my index finger, and work into the mustache. This is the first wax I've ever used, so I'm learning the ropes, but it seems to work well.
Does the Job
Works very well. Doesn’t have the strongest hold, but works best for natural styles. All good ingredients, no chemicals or anything unnatural, so a big thumbs up. If you want a more controlled style, just add a little more!
Best stash wax on the market
Love this wax. Works very well, rather light for just control or thick for style. Smell is good and not overwhelming.
With my booger shooter right there, got to have a quality wax.
I love Texas Beard Company
Before Texas Beard Company manifested in my Universe I was just a guy with a Hairy face. Then I began sculpting perfection with the Mustache Wax and anointing my sacred Prayer Beard with Big Thicket oil!

Alas! I have become a Man among Gods. Where once there was wiry fluff, now sits the immaculate conception. Zeus once manifested in my living room just to gander at the Holy sight that is now called “My Beard”. I simply referred him to the Texas Beard Company. To which he responded “Thou has testified to the truth that everything is bettereth in Texas”

There were rumors circulating in Fort Worth that a Unicorn has been sighted roaming the streets. I cannot Bare the burden of revealing to these now believing souls that it was not, in fact, a Unicorn but only my beard.

If ever I was a Beardsmem, it was Texas Neard Company that sanctified me. And for that they have my Gratitude.

Everyday wax that gives body
I wouldn't say this has spectacular hold. If I need so sculpt I will use a second stiffer wax. This isn't a bad thing though. A hard wax that sets like stone isn't what you need every day.

It is however an awesome base wax to give control and body to your mo. Very easy to apply and spread through, your tash will look and feel full. It is definitely what you need if you are applying a very hard wax to condition and protect that hair before setting it in concrete. You also don't have to use as much hard wax if you have already used this as a base.

With a subtle and awesome woodland scent, it part of my everyday moustache regimen.

*For those having issues applying it; Scrape a small, pea sizes blob off with four or five scratches using the back of your thumb nail. Then move the blob to your index and middle fingers of the left hand and warm it up with the same fingers of the opposite hand. Don't spread it past the first joint, just use the tips to apply it to the mo. This isn't a beard balm, you don't use it all over the hand and it shouldn't feel like that out of the tin.

Even in winter I find it soft and smooth compared to other harder waxes. If you think this one is hard to warm up, my guess is you haven't used many other wax brands.
Stache Wax
Great product. Only issue is it comes hardened like candle wax. Helps to put it on the dashboard or A window sill for a bit to loosen it up for better pliability.

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