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Texas Beard Company handmade Mustache Wax provides a Medium hold for your beards best friend. Works great at holding a natural style mustache and keeping wild hairs out of your food hole.

Mustache wax helps hold, shape, style, condition, and volumize your mustache. All natural ingredients with no petroleum products.

This wax has no added fragrance or scent but has a light honey/sweet scent from the Beeswax and Pine Sap oil.

Available in a small 0.5oz tin or a larger 1oz tin.

  • Beeswax
  • Lanolin
  • Coconut Oil
  • Pine Sap extract

Customer Reviews

129 Reviews
Stache Wax
Great product. Only issue is it comes hardened like candle wax. Helps to put it on the dashboard or A window sill for a bit to loosen it up for better pliability.
Great for Grooming The ‘Bars
Been using Texas Beard Company Stache Wax for 2 years on a handlebar mustache. Great stuff! Women swoon and the dudes back away!
Good for a medium hold, however needs to be reapplied through the day. Nice natural smell.
No instructions on product on best way to use
easy to use
I've tried many other products, but this is the easiest and longest lasting product. Really helps to control wild hairs. Get a can and put it to use. Good stuff!
North Texas
Not for styling
The wax was sub par from other waxes I have tried, does not hold long nor does it shape if that’s what you are trying to do.
Great Wax
Hold firm, helps retrain for stylized growth pattern.
Did the job for me
Easy to apply and absorbs very well in Moustache. You can smell it initially but it disappears quickly and hold my moustache in place for a long time.
Plano, Texas
Mustash Wax
Lid was off when I received and will not stay on
Stache wax
Really handy wax that is easy to carry. Would be better if it had a scent! Also, it can be hard at first to get some on your fingers. A little goes a long way! Pairs well with the mustache comb ;)
Texas City, TX
Great mustache wax
It seemed a little on the pricey side, but great product. Quick delivery. And love supporting Texas businesses. I wonder if the wax is local to Texas?
Mustache wax
A nice natural product with just the right amount of hold. It's easy to apply and lasts a long time. Coupled with Clove Citrus Beard Oil, it makes the perfect combination for a night out or a day in the office.
Mustache Wax
Provides a good solid hold, but is still easily manageable. Easy to work in your fingers and apply. Small tin makes it easy to take on the go.
This wax works great. Has great hold and last all day.
Texas Beard Co. Stache Wax is an awesome product. It is stiff enough to hold several hours without having to reapply. There isn't going to be anything that holds it all day other than glue... but this is a close second.
Great hold
This wax holds better than the 4 or 5 others I have tried. Barely need to put anything on your finger and it works all day
The mustache wax is great. It has great hold strength and melts easily in your fingers while working it.
Great hold!
This is the first wax that has successfully held my mustache in place for any length of time. The scent isn't very strong and honestly I can hardly smell it. If you're looking for a product to hold your beard's bff in place give this stuff a shot
Dayton, TN
Stash Wax
I love this product. The 0.5 oz fits in my pocket for stash maintenance throughout the day. The wax has a neutral smell. The product does it job!
Great stuff
Easy to apply, stays in place, great scent. Will keep on using it!!
Mustache Wax
I'm not an everyday user of mustache wax but the Texas Beard Co. Wax provides an excellent addition to their Beard Balm for some extra hold on difficult hairs

In both beard and mustache.
Nice Hold Without Being Too Thick
This is a great wax that offers a really nice amount of hold without being too thick or clumping. The scent is natural, and not overbearing. Overall, very satisfied with the wax.
The wax applies ok when you scrape a bit off with the edge of the wood Texas Beard Co. comb I ordered, which is great,..but it smells like our old dairy feed room. Maybe add an more pleasant odor..I'm getting used to it though....
Bullard Texas
Mustache wax
Thanks for fast delivery and the customer service. Great stuff

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