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Can't decide between our Beard Oil or our Beard Balm? Get both!

This combo back includes a 1oz bottle of Beard Oil and a 2oz tin of Beard Balm.

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COVID19-beard survival
I can't grow much of a beard; I can knock a goatee out of the park, complete with a handlebar-moustache riding topside. I hadn't even tried growing a beard in the last 30 years, but once we all started sheltering-in-place, I put my straight razor down for a while. In an attempt to achieve a fuller beard, I trim the goatee but let the thin beard on the sides grow. Consequently I end up with somewhat sparse but long hair on the sides. I'd never given any thought to oils or balms, but discovered Texas Beard Company and was so impressed with the bios on their website, I thought I'd give them a try. The oil has a great scent and smooths/softens the beard (especially helpful trying to go to sleep at night and you're not used a beard between your face and your pillow). The balm helps shape the growth and helps control the longer hairs. I assumed I'd shave once the world re-opened, but my 14-year old daughter likes it, so what'a ya gonna' do? (I'm told I'm lucky to have a 14-year old daughter who still talks to me, so I think I'll keep the beard for a while, and thus re-up'ing with another order when I run out). If I ever make it from Austin to Beaumont, I'll stop in the storefront to see if I can meet these guys in person.
Austin, TX
Great combo
This is the best oil and balm I have tried and will use no other. I use the oil down on the skin to keep it conditioned to lessen any breakout. The balm helps to soften your beard without feeling to waxy or heavy. This is a great combo. How about a wash/oil/balm combo!!?
Not going back to the products I've used before
I love the smell of the Cherry Bomb and most importantly so does my wife. I love Texas Beard Company oils and balms. I can't wait to try out a new sent soon. Best part about it is that it's made in The Lone Star State!!
First Time Growing A Beard
During the pandemic I decided to grow a beard for the first time ever. I started to realize that the beard was itchy and unmanageable. I searched on the internet and found Texas Beard Company. the beard oil and Balm combo was just what I needed. My beard is soft and more controlled now. The quality of the products seem to be top notch and I would definitely recommend these products.
High Quality, Made in Texas.
When my beard got long enough to need oil, it was also about the time it began to get itchy and rough. The oil keeps it soft and the balm helps it keep shape. I already like "Made in Texas" products, and when I looked at whats in it and compared that to similar high quality products, the price is unmatched. TX Beard Co is top notch.
The best
I love cherry bomb! It smells great and make my beard shine! My skin underneath my beard also doesn’t itch or flake at all. Texas Beard Company is head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to their products. Oh I almost forgot, everything is all natural! Which is the best thing for tour skin and hair.
Mesa, AZ
Excellent Combo
This is the perfect way to go if you know what scents you want. You can definitely save a few bucks this way versus buying the products separately. This is how I typically make purchases now that I know what I like. Highly recommend.
Still the Best!
I have been using the Texas Beard Co. oil and balm for several years now and love their product! I have tried other popular brands, but these other brands don’t seem to last all day like the Texas Beard Co. product. I only wish that they had beard wash that was not a bar, but a liquid. I travel a lot for work. Keep up the great work!
Sexy beard mode activated
My beard now exudes an aura of sensual goodness, ready to draw women from the far corners of the earth. When I walk into bars with my coffee beard balm or beard oil in, I leave with 5 different women everytime!! In short, this stuff is bomb.
Not my scent
I bought the Clove/Citrus scent hoping for something more citrusy, but the Clove really overpowers. If you enjoy that smell, this is your scent, for me it doesn't work. Only reason I give it so few stars, is I didn't like the scent, I can't say how it works.
Great oil and balm
This is one of my favorite scents and Texas Bearded nailed it out of the park .
i like coffee but can't drink it
I love the smell of coffee in the morning especially because I have to smell like fresh fish products. Still can't have coffee but thank you for letting me smell like it. Good stuff, the best part of waking up is rubbing this stuff on my face.
So far so great...
My skin thanks you!

Unscented is truly unscented. Not even the oil/wax smell I've gotten with other unscented products. A plus for us who have a addiction to colognes.
Great products!
Love this oil and balm. Really helps my beard grow and keeps it vary soft.
Cherry Bomb Beard Oil and Balm Combo
My husband loves these products. He reminds to order more when his supply gets low. It keeps his beard looking healthy and neat.
Nice Woodsy Scent
The Mint Eucalyptus is still my fav, but Big Thicket is nice when you want something more woodsy. I'll buy it again. It's good stuff.
Gift for hubs
He absolutely loves the beard oil and has been using it for a few years but has never really been into the balm. I ordered the combo anyways because of the pecan coffee scent and he is OBSESSED with it now. I am thoroughly enjoying the smell of his beard. Lol
Orange TX
1st Time Buyer
First time to purchase from Texas Beard Co but not the last. Both oil & Balm had a pleasant smell but not overwhelming. The oil really soften my beard. The Balm had great holding properties. One suggestion: send a guitar pick with the balm to make it easier to get the balm out of the jar.
North Carolina
great products. I got the balm and oil. smells great and makes my beard soft and shiny
A Must buy!
We love these oil& balm combos! These are some of our favorite flavors. My Husbands beard is so soft and smells sooo good!
Pecan oil and balm
Smells great, balm has perfect hold.
I can't drink coffee but I like the smell. I am not a morning person either but this brightens it up. thank you.
I'm a fan!
I must say the oil and balm combo (Big Thicket) has become my go to since I first tried it....I also bought my brother for his birthday the big thicket oil and balm comb and he really likes it as well. Great beard products and great company, I will continue to buy👍
Fort worth, Texas
Übermensch--no longer just a concept
Today I was roused from slumber by a great she-bear named Kuruk. She measured me with knowing eyes before declaring me Lord of the Big Thicket and naming me first among men. We hunted the fields and meadows, slaking our thirst in the purest streams under the mid afternoon sun. Over night my beard had grown in full, reaching lengths before unknown to mortals and smelling of the most wholesome scents offered by the Earth Mother. In the evening Kuruk took an elk bull and we filled our bellies with the raw energy of its flesh. As the sun sank below the horizon I regarded Kuruk and saw within her eyes the depth of my own soul; we had both torn free of the bonds the hold lives back, and had claimed no thing to be our masters.
Great product
I've tried a few other brands and found they work alight. I thought I'd give Texas beard company a try. So far I love the product. The smell is one of the best I've had so far.

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