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Can't decide between our Beard Oil or our Beard Balm? Get both!

This combo back includes a 1oz bottle of Beard Oil and a 2oz tin of Beard Balm.

Customer Reviews

625 Reviews
Love these products! Have been using for about two years and it's great! Keep up the good work!

Boyfriend Loves It!
I bought this for my boyfriend because i wanted something locally made and unique. He got the oil and balm combo and loves it! He’s never used a balm before and I can attest to it keeping his beard smelling great and super soft.
Big Thicket is GREAT!
I ordered the oil & balm combo in Big Thicket and it's amazing. Leaves my beard soft and non greasy huge difference in texter in just a few days. The smell is great my only downside was the smell doesnt long 5 minutes and it's gone. With how great it smells I wished it lasted longer. But everybody is different some people might not want a overpowering smell. But overall will definitely order again and try different products
Not bad
Beard oil and balm work well. Eucalyptus mint smells nice at first, but it is too bad that the smell does not last long at all.
Great Product!!!
The beard oil and balm combo is the 1, 2 punch my beard needed! My wife has always complained about how coarse my beard was but not anymore! I love the Big Thicket scent and wouldn't mind if it was a bit stronger. I will be a customer for life!!!
Burleson, TX
Beard never softer
Love your product my beard has never felt softer. My wife love the feeling and I love the scents. Will recommend to everyone I know
Gift for Boyfriend
I bought these two items as a gift for my boyfriend. Ordering was a breeze and shipping was lightning fast! The pecan coffee beard oil came in a small "coffee bean-looking" brown bag and the tumbleweed beard balm came in a small brown paper bag with the logo on it. I got this combo for the purpose of having the pecan coffee as the primary scent and therefore purchased the tumbleweed balm due to the fact that it is scentless. As soon as my boyfriend opened the oil, the scent of it came wafting like a fresh-baked pie to our noses. He immediately put both the oil and balm into his beard with such excitement. I am pleased to know that he will thoroughly enjoy this gift for months to come. I will not hesitate, in the future, to purchase from this company again.
So far so good
New Jersey
Beard oil is decent, balm is not.
First the oil. I picked the mint eucalyptus oil. It works pretty decent. On par with competitive products. The smell is what I like. Definatly a nice tolerable smell from this one. I would give it 4/5. There's a few out there that give a slightly healthier feel to the beard after use, but they are more expensive also.

Second the balm- Mine came completely granulated. I followed the instructions they sent with it in case this happens. Now it's a brick. Very hard and unusable if you don't scrape it out with a metal utensil and work it soft.

Conclusion- I would buy the oil again. I would not buy the balm again.
Texas Approved!
I use this product everyday and its great! I've tried many other products out there and this is the best. I highly support products being made right here in the great state of Texas. Good job!
Great product!
The Big Thicket Balm and the Tumbleweed Oil are great! I use the oil most mornings and the balm when I need more control or when I travel (I don’t want to risk the oil leaking on a flight). The oil softened the beard by the second day, and it has never been more healthy.
Great deal for guys that use balm (and) oil!
I find myself using both balm and oil in the same day. The oil goes in first to soften up the hair and lubricate the skin, and the balm helps lock in moisture and hold things in shape a bit. When I order, I choose the unscented balm and whatever scent of oil I'm wanting to change to. That way, the products don't conflict. Great smelling stuff, and feels great.
Great Products
I've always been a fan of the Mint Eucalyptus balm but decided to give the Pecan Coffee beard oil a try. I'm glad I did! One of the greatest smelling products I've ever purchased. Hopefully we'll see a Pecan Coffee balm at some point.
The 'Ville, TX
Best stuff out there
Have been a customer for 3 years now, this was my first time purchasing balm and I absolutely love it. The night cap is a great scent and gives your beard a soft feel without making it greasy. And the coffee oil is hands down my new favorite scent.
Mint Eucalyptus Oil/Balm
Definitely the best product I’ve ever used on my beard and I have used a lot. Natural, masculine scent. Makes the beard feel and look great!
Oil me down!
I absolutely love the pumpkin spice beard oil and balm! Great rugged scent and keeps my beard moist!!! Just love me some Texas Beard Company!!
Where’s the spice?
Dissapointed in this year’s pumpkin spice balm and oil. It smells nothing like the product I bought last year. It’s all pumpkin and no spice. Apparently it’s the same recipe but my nose does not agree.
Awesome product
I have used a few different oils and balms now and this is by far the best. It doesn't leave your beard all greasy. It leaves your beard looking healthy. Keep up the good work and you will have a customer for a long time.
It's the best
I bought the combo cause it's easier and faster than ordering both separate, but I had previously used both the oil and the balm and so I already knew that they would be great. My favorite is the green belt. I love the fresh green smells. The lime seems to be most noticable and I like that. It's not an overpowering scent, so don't expect everyone to notice how good your beard smells. It will be a nice secret you have to yourself. Catching a whiff of it now and then, as the breeze gently caresses your glorious facial follicles. It's good, high quality stuff. You can really tell that the guys at TBC take pride in their work.
Mint eucalyptus 💪👍? the best. definetly worth it.💪
Utah the dry weather.
My recent purchase
I’m very pleased with both the beard oil and balm. They smell great and seem to be helping soften up my beard. At the moment the rating is 4 star since time is needed to more thoroughly evaluate these products. I plan on making future purchases and support this Texas company. Jeff

San Antonio, TX
Excellent in Texas heat
My husband loves these products.

They smell great and keep his beard under control .
Best there is.
The coffee pecan beard oils is the bomb! I smell like coffee all day long. The whiskey oil isn't too bad either. I also like the beard balm, get it with no scent, so it doesn't cover up the smell of your oil.
Cleveland Tennessee
Beard oil
This beard oil works sos good
New Mexico

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