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Can't decide between our Beard Oil or our Beard Balm? Get both!

This combo back includes a 1oz bottle of Beard Oil and a 2oz tin of Beard Balm.

Customer Reviews

715 Reviews
Lavender oil and big thicket balm
Ordered the combo to see which one I would like better, but I ended up using both. I put the lavender oil before bed and then shower in the morning and put on the big thicket balm. Love the way the lavender smells, but may go with neutral balm next time. Not in love with the smell, but my wife likes it so maybe I'll stick with it.
Katy, TX
Strong Beard
The Big Thicket beard balm and oil combo have left my beard strong, soft, and looking and feeling fresh! Texas Beard Co. knows what they’re doing! #homemadehomegrownbeardTX
love them!
the scent is light, clean, and masculine. the oil keeps my beard from being itchy, and the balm makes me less duck dynasty-ey. super happy with all my products from texas beard...
Morristown, NJ
Oil and balm
These are the first products that I have ever bought for my beard. I absolutely love them. I highly recommend Texas Beard company products.
Pampa Texas
Clove & Citrus balm & oil
By far my favorite scent. Refreshing & manly.
My husband loves both the oil and the balm. I have to order frequently to keep him stocked up!!
Big Thicket
The beard balm, and beard oil, are hands down the best. I have tried many different oils and balms from other companies, but you can't beat Texas Beard Company products.
Best beard oil 🧔🏻
Over the years my husband and I have bought him different types of beard oil, but Texas Beard Company is the best he’s used. All others either flake or cause his beard to itch, but not this. It smells awesome and keeps his mane tame - civilized instead of mountain man! I’ve purchased it multiple times now for him, and he will not use anything else. Thanks for such a great product!
Balm Fan
Got the combo because I wasn't sure which product I'd like. The balm has been perfect for me as it helps tame my beard and makes it look full. I like the oil as well but it doesn't sculpt like the balm does. Both are great. Throw in the soft brush and you've got a good beard product setup.
Little Elm, TX
I ordered the beard oil and the beard balm last year for my husband and he loved it. It lasted a little over a year and he had me re order this year👌🏻Good stuff. It’s smells amazing 🧔🏻
Salinas CA
Bought for my son
I bought this for my son for Christmas and he's only used it for a couple days. he says he loves it and will definitely order more from y'all.
oil great but not sure about balm
First time user. Oil is better than expected. But balm is rock hard and have to use a knife to get any out? Is that how it is supposed to be?
Love TX Beard Co
This is one my hubby’s faves. His beard looks and smells great all the time now!
Balm and oil top notch
After using these products for the last week all I can say is “WOW”. I feel like I have found the holy grail of beard care! The smell is incredible and the ingredients are all first rate. You have a committed customer from now on
Beard oil and Balm Big Thicket
This is my first time growing a full beard and my first time trying beard oil and balm. It's a great product I've being trying the balm when I have long days like working hours and such and the beard oil when I do casual things like going out for dinner. The comparison between balm and oil is like clothes starch or hairspray where you pick the hold strength. The balm seems to control your beard for longer periods of time than oil but I prefer to have both. Beard looks healthier and moist rather than dry and out of control. Every time I ran out I will try a different scent to see which one is the best but for right now I'm satisfied with Big Thicket.
Corpus Christi, Texas
Solid Choice
Texas Beard Company has my favorite products on the market. I got this bundle in the Night Cap scent for both. It's advertised as a bed-time scent, but my wife and I like it all day. The products are affordable and super high quality. They smell good, hydrate adequately, and leave the beard looking healthy but not shiny or wet. If you can only buy one right now I would probably suggest the balms. Putting both oil and balm on in the morning makes for a really good beard day.
Great stuff
This is the only balm and oil I use. Long lasting and it just makes my beard feel good! I have a rather longish beard (5 inches) and the balm holds it in place and feels good when I stroke it in that thinking philosopher's way.
Black Mountain, NC
I love both and use them every day. The balm at night to soften and control for the next day. The oil to tame and have nice sheen all day long. Only reason for 4 stars is that the scent is far milder than I'd like, have to grab beard and sniff directly on it to notice...
Love this stuff!
Ive tried multiple beard oils, but i always come back to TBC. Their product is amazing, as is their customer service.
Great Beard Oil
I absolutely love my Texas Beard oil! I recently purchased the Eucalyptus Mint oil and balm combo since we are going into the cooler months and it adds a refreshing feel and smell to my man mane that not only do I enjoy but my wife loves as well! It’s a great and affordable product and I am hooked on.
Smells So Good
This is my favorite scent from Y’all, smells just like our East Texas pine trees. 💕 I buy it time and time again.
"...Just not the coffee..."
My wife likes the beard butter, but not the coffee oil. It was an interesting option. I knew when I bought it, it would be a hit or a miss. Unfortunately it was a miss this time. I personally like the butter and am okay with the coffee oil. It's one to have for a novel scent. I think the choice of bean could change things quite a bit. I do wish they'd hurry up with the combs already.
No more split ends!
Have been using the Texas Beard Company beard oils for some time now and have been loving them. Was still experiencing some frustrating split ends and was looking for a remedy. Hot damn this beard balm was exactly what I needed. Beard has been way soft, stray hairs tamed down, and no more split ends!!
North Carolina
Keeps the beard nice and smooth
great service and a great product
I have tried the Mint Eucalyptus and the Big Country. great scents. Keep the beard soft and smelling good.

Also a great price comparing other beard companies.

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