Can You Really Use Mustache Wax for Your Entire Beard?

Whether you are a man of brute and prefer a luscious beard with lengths as far as the eye can see, a modern man with a sharp maintained goatee or the mysterious chap with a majestic handle bar mustache to match his equally impressive chin garden, there stands to be one pressing question in the styling department. Can you really use mustache wax on your beard? The answer to that is yes AND no. But mostly no, and I'll explain why.

As I mentioned before, there is a wide variety of facial hair styles that it might seem impossible sometimes to decide which may be best for you? A lot of trial and error is usually how it goes before you identify with your signature look. Once you have that in the bag, you must decide how to style. Are you going for a natural look and feel? Groomed but not super tamed? Are you into that spiked hardcore rocker type of look?

If you are sporting a beard that you wish to withstand wind gusts of up to 80 mph, then mustache wax may be a great option for you. Some men go the extra mile and take the time to create unique shapes and designs with their beloved facial hair. After all, you can always tell a man's personality by his beard! Think holidays, nobody can resist a good festive beard like a Christmas tree or I have even seen a bad ass menorah. With that being said, you will indeed need a product with enough hold to produce such styles, and that is when mustache wax would be an option. Even for those every day twists and bends, the wax would be ideal.

But what about the man who prefers his locks to be smooth and soft, natural and groomed at the same time. In this case, mustache wax would not be a good option for you. A pomade or a balm would be most ideal for these types of beards as it will help hold your beard in place and prevent those wild strays from making a statement of their own. This will also offer conditioning for your beard as well which is a super big plus to those with course and brittle facial hair. If an emergency arises and you are in a pinch, with only mustache wax in your grasp, then opt to maybe add a few drops of olive oil (or raid your girl's side of the cabinet for some jojoba or argan oil which are most ideal as they are closest to skin's natural sebum) in the palm of your hands, marrying that with the wax to create a less intense hold for your beard, allowing your hair to still get the structure it needs, and giving you the look you deserve. A little FYI, the added drops of oil will help with any 'beardruff' you may have going on there!

Alas, for the man who keeps it simple, a short and sharp goatee may opt for something like a mustache wax as sometimes the shorter the hairs, the more defiant they can be when it comes to training them to fall in line with the others. As with all beards, do not forget to moisturize or condition that hair in between time to prevent dry skin and a brittle hair. Keeping up with a beard can be hard work but you know what they say, with a beard comes great responsibility so go ahead a grow what your father gave ya, and be “beardiful”.

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