3 Quick Reminder Tips to Maintaining “The Full Beard”

When done right, a full beard can be a majestic sight indeed. With different styles like the really long and flowing, the more rounded Garibaldi, and the slightly sloped Razor's Edge, the full beard can be adapted to suit any face shape or structure out there. Growing a full beard needs a lot of patience and care, but that is only half the journey. It takes a lot of dedication and effort to maintain one as well. Here are three cardinal things you need to pay attention to while going for "the full beard look":

#1: Less Shampoo, More Beard Oil and Beard Balm

It is important to clean your beard on a regular basis, as those hairs can accumulate a lot of gunk and dander over time. But don’t go overboard with the soap/shampoo, as the chemicals can make your beard hairs very dry. When it comes to shampoos, less is always more. You do not need to use them daily still remember to rinse your beard every day.

Invest in a good beard oil and beard balm for regular use, especially if you live in drier climes. With longer beard styles, oils are essential as these beards tend to dry out quicker. A good beard oil will help keep your beard hairs moisturized and nourished for that shiny and glowing look.

#2: Keep Your Beard Scissors Handy

In the early growing phase, a trimmer set on the longer 3-4 settings can be used to maintain the shape of the beard or to remove stragglers or split ends. However, once your beard reaches a certain length, scissors offer that extra bit of control that can be crucial. With trimmers/clippers, one wrong move is all it takes to shave off months of growth!

Regular trimming/shaping is essential if you have a full beard. There is a thin line between looking stylish and looking unkempt like a hobo, or a mountain man (the bad kind). Though a daily trim may be unnecessary, you should give your beard a trim at least once a week. This is a job that takes time and needs your full and undivided attention. So, consider doing it at night, or any time when you are relatively free and not in a hurry.

#3: Use a Beard Comb or Beard Brush Often (but not too often!)

The longer your beard is, the higher the chances of getting tangled or matted up. Thicker and curlier beards tend to have this problem more often. Use beard oil regularly to soften the hairs up. And run a beard comb or beard brush through the hairs daily, preferably when the beard is still wet, to unlock all the tangles.

Frequent use of a brush or comb on your beard can leave the individual hairs weak at the follicles. So, do not go overboard with the brushing. Once in the day after your bath, and maybe again at night is all the brushing your beard needs. Also, use the comb/brush gently, and avoid any harsh pulls.

Final Beard Thoughts

Not everyone has the patience, or in some cases, the genetic makeup to pull off a full beard look. It’s a serious commitment that comes with its rewards. A full beard is one of the most masculine symbols out there. Beyond the obvious grooming and styling, maintaining a healthy diet and active lifestyle can also improve the health of your beard. That means having your veggies and fruits daily to help that full beard grow and shine!

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