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These are handmade full(man) sized beard combs.

This is the new version of our Big Beard Comb, It has a thicker body which we've found to help glide through you beard easier and with less snagging.

Make no mistake, this is a big comb with long teeth. It measures in at approx. 3"x3"  and about 1/2" thick.

Each comb is individually cut with a Maple body with a Walnut handle, then fine sanded/filed smooth by hand, and finally friction-polished with a beeswax/mineral oil blend in order to be ultra smooth on your face and beard.

These beard combs are handmade by a North Carolina woodworker Matt Bell.

Because of natural variations in wood, the comb you receive may differ slightly from the pictures.

  • Walnut Wood
  • Maple Wood
  • Lots and Lots of Patience
  • Blood, Sweat, Tears
  • Beeswax/Mineral oil

Customer Reviews

87 Reviews
Great tool for long beards!
At first sight I thought this comb was a little smaller than anticipated, but after using it I realized that it was the perfect size. It engages the beard in manageable pieces, which make removing tangles much easier. Using it from the neck line up, it adds volume to my beard without snagging. The blunt ends take some getting used to as they do not feel like a comb, but more like small fingers. My beard is about ten inches long, and the teeth manage to handle it with ease. The quality is good, and the appearance is pleasing. I use this comb every day and don't know how I got by without it.
Good quality
The comb is obviously well-made and of high-quality materials. Unfortunately, I find the teeth are slightly too far apart to be particularly effective. I would love to see a similar comb with the teeth maybe 20-30% closer. That would be perfect.
The new one is just like the old one!
I picked this up after seeing it on the TBC Instagram account. It's been out of stock/unavailable for awhile, and I saw they got a new supplier. I purchased the old one over 5 years ago, so I figured it was time for an upgrade. And it's the same quality as the old one, and feels better running through my beard. Side by side the teeth are slightly closer together, but are just as wide. I use my old one in the shower, and the new one after. (I do have a 12 inch beard, so it's completely worth it!)
Quality, American Craftsmanship
I am extremely pleased with this product. Attention to detail is great- all the way down to the packaging.

Comb works really well, very few catches or snags when compared to conventional, stamped combs. Also works decently for longer moustache combing even though teeth are fairly wide. I also use this comb for the hair on top of my head, and have noticed less scalp irritation when compared to plastic combs. I don’t have a hard time parting my hair with this comb.

It was a nice surprise to open the bag and have the great aroma of wood. The craftsmanship is good, and you definitely get the feel that it’s a handmade comb that will last a really long time.
Beast of a Wood Comb
Decided to order a wood comb and took a shot with this one. Got in the mail in just couple days and this thing is big. I just started growing my beard out so it is only about 4” so far and the teeth on this comb are a bit to long for it but the build quality is amazing. This comb is meant for guys with long beards. Will likely use it all the time once my beard gets about 6”+.
Alto, GA
Big Beard Comb Review
Highly satisfied, and worth the wait.
I like being able to take the comb with me inside my coat pocket etc. The comb looks great and helps me manage my beard.
Big Beard Comb
I previously ordered the smaller of the two beard combs offered. It was a wider comb than this one. I prefer this comb of the two. I love the long teeth which allow me to comb all the way through my beard. The craftsmanship is outstanding. Great product!
Great comb, could be bigger
i like the comb, but the size was smaller than the company made it out to be. handle needs to be bigger and teeth need to be longer to get all the way through the beard.
Great comb, could be bigger
i like the comb, but the size was smaller than the company made it out to be. handle needs to be bigger and teeth need to be longer to get all the way through the beard.
Big Beard Comb - GREAT Product
The ordering process was easy. Due to my distance from the shipping facility, delivery was quicker than expected.

The product, itself, is great for my beard style. I have a long thick beard that requires longer longer comb teeth. This comb allows for the reach I need to get to the results I require. The construction of the comb reflects quality craftsmanship.

Overall - This is a great product. I have no problem sharing my experience with others who inquire.
Aubrey, TX
I bought this for my husband and he absolutely loves it. He has a pretty long beard and this Comb works perfectly. This was the second one I bought so he could keep one at home and at work!
Great made in the USA quality maybe a bit too coarse
I absolutely love the made in the USA quality of this comb (although just so you know, if you try to chip food off of the counter with it, even once, the handle is likely to chip...we'll call that operator error). I am very impressed with the feel of it. I wish they made a regular handle type comb like this. I also think that it might be a bit coarse. I have an 8" beard that is fairly thick. I am on the whole very pleased though and going to purchase their beard balm based on the positive impression I got from this purchase. Thanks guys not bad for a bunch of Texans.
Central Washington
Beard Comb
This this is fuckin' badass. Awesome looking, excellent wood. Doesn't snag and pull hair. The comb already smelled phenomenal before I even used it. Love this product and this company.
Cape Cod Mass
My beard is 10 inchs long and had been using a regular brush. It always catchs and pulls . The big comb is the best. Fits your hand and combs the beard great . no tangles, and distrubutes oil great.. never use another comb again
Just what I needed
I have a long course wavy beard down to my chest and always had a hard time with the underchin area combing out. This comb is just what I needed to keep things more uniform looking. It makes my beard look way more full and helps distribute oil. It's also just plain beautiful on its own as a piece of wood craft. I recommend it for anyone with a long thick beard. My only suggestion would be that you guys make the same comb but with finer teeth. The two together would make a great set to really tame a wild beard like mine.
This comb does work, I have a thick beard that curls and this comb works through better than any comb I've used before. Plus side is its handmade. Don't be a fool, buy it.
Great beard comb
Great craftsmanship and proud to purchase a product not run off of an assembly line. The quality is second to none. This is great for a medium to long beard, very happy with the comb!
Well crafted lightweight long-toothed comb
Well crafted, like the handmade attribute. Long teeth probably better suited for longer beards, but still usable for my medium length beard. Feels nice against the skin when using, very smooth. Best for basic taming, isn't going to really distribute oils or balms. Lighter weight than expected, seems like it might be a bit fragile, not sure how well teeth would stand up to abuse of being carried in a pocket on a regular basis, but has so far held up just fine thrown in my bathroom drawer. Overall pleased and would recommend.
Ordered this for my boyfriend after doing loads of research. He has a long full beard and he absolutely loves it! The comb doesnt rip or tear his beard at all. I def recommend it for those with a long beard! The comb itself is also gorgeous.
Exactly what I was looking for. Perfect size for pocket. Great craftsmanship!!! Beautiful wood! AWESOME!!!!
I bought this as a gift for my brother, and he loves it! It's able to glide through his thick beard, and keeps it looking good.
Beats the hecks out of machine made
I'll purchase a comb (or anything) crafted by someone in the shop over these machine cut products any day! Love the walnut and cherry wood contrast in this comb. Not to mention how well this flows through my beard.
This product is awesome, great quality and craftsmanship.
Got this for my boyfriend for his birthday and he loved it

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