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This military style Beard Brush is made with a hard wood handle and Natural Boar Bristles.

This brush is great for evenly distributing Texas Beard Co. Beard Oil. The soft bristles won't damage your beard and is suited for shorter beards.

If you are looking for a firm bristle brush for longer beards, check out our Firm Natural Boar Bristle Beard Brush

NOTE: Beard Oil not included.

Dimensions: about 5" x 2.5"

Made by Brush Strokes

*not made in Texas

Customer Reviews

271 Reviews
First Beard Brush
First time buying a beard brush, and very happy with my purchase. No noticeable bristle shedding, and feels really nice brushing through my beard. Wondering if I should have gotten the hard bristles though, as it doesn't brush all the way into the thickest/longest part of my beard (but it's great on the cheeks)
Great first beard brush
Having grown a long-term beard for the first time, I finally needed to get it tamed and properly cleaned. Lot of info out there, so wasn't sure where to go. But I got this brush a few weeks ago and have been quite happy - it brushes out the tangles nicely and combined with the beard balm I bought from Texas Beard Company, my beard is a lot softer and looks much better now. The bristles do come out occasionally, so I'm not sure how durable the brush will be long-term, but that doesn't affect my rating yet as I purchased this 2 weeks ago. Definitely would buy again.
Best Beard Brush, By Gum!
I wanted a soft brush for my beard and I got one here! Excellent quality. My beard says, “YES!”
Houston, TX
Perfect for my beard
great for getting my beard under control (and scratching an itch if needed)
Soft on the whiskers
Soft bristles straighten the previously untamed whiskers. Another quality product from TBCo
Cincinnati, OH
Very soft
Great quality soft brush
First Time Growing a Beard
During the pandemic I decided to grow a beard for the first time ever. I started to realize that the beard was itchy and unmanageable. I searched on the internet and found Texas Beard Company. The Soft Beard Brush is made with great quality and us so nice to use.
I really dig this brush! It helps keep the hair down, made it smooth and tamed. Highly recommend, especially for the price!
San Antonio, TX
Great brush
This is an excellent brush and you definitely can't beat the price. I've had similar brushes that cost 3-4x as much, but weren't any better quality. The soft brush is perfect for smaller beards/mustaches and isn't too rough on the skin. If you have a longer, thicker beard, you might want to try out the firm brush instead. Personally, I recommend getting both. I've purchased 5 or 6 of the soft brushes over the years (lost a few) and about 2 of the firm brushes. I keep a brush at home, in my car, and at my desk at work. Highly recommend!
Not Soft, But High Quality
Like the title says, this is not a very soft brush. I don't have a super thick or long beard and I keep it trimmed fairly close to my face. Keep that in mind when I say that I have to use fairly gentle strokes to keep from overly scratching my face. But, it works like a charm and it is clearly a high-quality brush. My rebellious and wiry hairs are now far more inclined to fall into place and I look much better thanks to this brush.
Nice brush!
Fits my hand perfectly, and works well for taming the upper portion of my beard around my ears, cheeks, bottom lip, and mustache. I don't use beard wax, but I could see how this would work for smoothing and styling a shorter beard using wax. Works great on eyebrows, too. Spreads oil and balm evenly on the upper portions of my beard. I use a comb for the rest of it. The quality is good, and it's a great item for everyday grooming.
Great Brush
The brush is soft and perfect size. Works great ast distributing oil throughout my beard.
Feels Great!
I love the feeling of this brush. I have both and this one is a perfect face massage along with getting the beard looking slick.
Not too rough on the skin. I have a smaller beard so this ones’ just right.
Great brush, my beard loves it!!
Texas Beard Co. is awesome. Great products from my home state. Brush is soft and it keeps my beard under control.
Spring, Texas
well made brush!
This is a high quality offering of natural boar's hair brush. Doesn't shed bristles like cheaper versions. It is a bit bigger than I'd like for my goatee and a little too soft for my very wiry growrh pattern, but does a good job at taming the madness overall.
Exactly as I imagined
By looking to the picture, you would assume it's a hand-palm size brush.
Guess what?
Yes, it is !
Good brush for the Beard
Brush states soft and I wasn't to sure I ordered the wrong brush initially. When the brush arrived I was pleasantly surprised it was the right amount of stiffness to comb/brush my fledgling beard. Brush has solid hold on the bristles and works well to distibute my hair evenly. Great purchase would buy this item again.
Great brush feels great on my skin.
Perfect Tool for the Job
This brush distributes the beard oil through my beard with ease.
I enjoy the brush. It helps apply the product to my beard evenly.
Good Brush
Brush works great and isn’t too rough on my face but it doesn’t have the Texas Beard logo on it.
Great Brush
this was the first beard brush I have ever bought, the bristles are nice and soft and helps me keep my beard looking good.
Falls, PA
Less scratchy than the firm brush
I bought both the firm and soft brushes, and this one is much gentler on my face after getting out of the shower.
Solid brush. Soft and bristles stay in. Use it multiple times a day to control my beard.
Little Elm, TX

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