Heavy Beard Oil - Tumbleweed (Unscented) (heavy-tw) - Reviews

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Heavy Beard Oil is a brand new type of beard care product. This product combines properties of beard oil and balm to give you the best of both worlds. You get the ease of application, shine, softening of beard oil as well as the taming and...
Awesome Love his stuff better than just the oil.

Tulsa, Oklahoma
Great beard oil and (non) scent option I’ve always had a hard time finding beard oils that truly were unscented. My wife is extremely sensitive to scents, and the wrong oil scent equals she won’t come near the beard! This saved the day. And heavy beard oil in general is an awesome product. Works great and so easy to use/not as messy. Great job, TxBC!

Heavy Beard Oil - Tumbleweed unscented I like this new product very much. It works a lot better than using beard oil and balm separately. It conditions more against dryness and helps hold the shape of my longer curly beard a lot more. Great product. Thank you.

El Paso, TX
Love the oil. Bottle needs to be sealed better This is my first time trying the heavy beard oil and I love it. However, when I received it, I found that some of it had leaked out of the bottle. The zip loc bag that it was sealed in had decent amount of oil in it. Thus the 3 stars.

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