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A blend of Black Pepper and Patchouli makes this a unique blend. A very earthy scent.Beard Oil is a combination of all natural oils that help moisturize your beard, keep it healthy, and give off a great scent. The end result is a softer, healthier,...
Greatness! I have been struggling to find a replacement for Sandalwood or Whiskey while they are out. I stumbled unto Black Pepper and ordered a bottle to give it a try. It is by far my favorite scent yet! The black pepper and patchouli play perfectly together. They are subtle notes and not overpowering, but phenomenal. So good I ordered two more just so it doesn’t go away!!!! Legit

Possibly my favorite! Definitely one of my top pics! I have been a customer of Texas Beard Company since 2014 and have tried just about all of their many oils/balms. I have to say that this new Black Pepper & Patchouli scent is definitely one of my new favorites (if not my #1 favorite)! I loooove black pepper and put it on just about everything I eat. I even put it in my protein shakes and fruit smoothies. Growing up, my dad always wore Patchouli, so I have fond memories of that. I feel like this scent was made for me! The black pepper is the dominating factor with just a hint of Patchouli, which is perfect, because Patchouli is a very powerful scent. Its incredibly easy to use/wear too much Patchouli. Anyway, I highly recommend this oil if you are a fan of smokey black pepper and/or Patchouli.

Strong scent that smells great I was curious exactly how strong the smell of the black pepper oil would be and it smells just like black peppers! Not overpowering, but it's clearly the intended smell, and it's wonderfully full and warm. Great work as always!

Clovis, CA
Peppercorn Rub for Your Face True to it's name, this black pepper oil will have your face smelling like it's ready for the BBQ. As much as I enjoy some of the unique concoctions from TBC, this one had my wife turning her nose up at my smoker ready beard. I love TBC and they hit the mark on this Black Pepper oil but the situations where I'm going to put this one to use will be limited.

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