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Drink your beer or whatever it is that you drink in style with this Texas Beard Company pint glass.Holds 16oz of your favorite liquids (even beard oil if you wanna do that) and displays your favorite Beard Care company!These are some solid glasses...
Kick Ass Glass Have owned many whiskey glasses in the past and this ones held up the best. The glass itself is robust and the TX Beard Co Logo has held up to the punishment of my kids crappy dish washing skills. If your looking for a good whiskey glass look no further.

Tequila Nice sturdy glass. They txb.co image could be a little bigger but after a few it doesn't matter

Allen, TX
Texas Beard Whiskey Class I have had it for a week and have used it almost every day. I smile each time I tip the glass and see the Texas Beard Company logo.

These guys are the real deal!

Thanks Texas Beard Company!


Whiskey Glass It's a nice glass. It does what it should, contain liquor for you to drink. I did expect the log on the glass to be a little bigger.

Rolling Meadows IL
Whiskey glass Nice sized for a good amount of whiskey! I use it daily!

Whiskey glass. Bought this for my Husband for his glass "collection". Awesome! Thick glass, nice etching. Very pleased!

Whiskey? Whiskey, America, Texas, Beards. Amen.

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