Beard Balm Trial Size 4-pack

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This 4-pack includes 1/2oz trial-size cans of Clove Citrus, Mint Eucalyptus, Big Thicket, and Night Cap balms.

Texas Beard Company Beard Balm is has similar properties and benefits to our all natural beard oils. It will help keep your hair healthy, strong, and manageable.

In addition to oils we blend in naturally deodorized Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, and Coconut oil. We use naturally deodorized butters because you don't want your balm to smell like chocolate!

Unlike other balms on the market, ours has no wax. This means that our balm will not be as hard as others and also much easier to apply.

Texas Beard Company products are made with all natural ingredients.

Base Balm Blend

  • Cocoa Butter
  • Shea Butter
  • Coconut Oil
  • Golden Jojoba Oil
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Grapeseed Oil
  • Avocado Oil

Essential Oil (Scent) Blend

  • Clove Citrus
    • Clove Oil
    • Tangerine Oil
    • Grapefruit Oil
    • Orange Oil
  • Mint Eucalyptus
    • Peppermint Oil
    • Eucalyptus Oil
  • Big Thicket
    • Cedarwood Oil
    • Pine Needle Oil
  • Tumbleweed
    • None.

Customer Reviews

182 Reviews
I like the scent of the balms, and it was nice to get a trial pack before paying for a single jar when I’d never used it before.

I am not sure about how gritty the balms remain in the jars. I tried the microwave/refrigerator method as instructed on the card, but it still has a grainy texture. I generally rub it in my hands to heat it again and get out the grit when applying. Seems like more effort and less beneficial for my beard.
Beard Balm Trial 4-Pack
I am so glad I ordered this as it gave me a great opportunity to sample a few of the scents before plunging into a large container. I love the Night Cap. I'm already out of it and have a large container of it in my card ready to purchase.
Houston, TX
Beard Balm Trial Size 4-pack
I love getting the 4-pack and the different scents included. It gives me a chance to change things up a bit as I feel. The beard balm travels extremely well through airport security (it's not a liquid) and has been a very consistent product.

Mine did crystallize when I left my luggage in the car and I emailed the company about a fix. They e-mailed back very quickly with instructions (microwave to liquefy and then chill in the fridge) and they worked like a charm.

I highly recommend this product as a gift for Father's Day, birthdays or just because.
Houston, TX
First time balm user - so far so good
I bought the sample pack of beard balm because I've never ordered from this company or used balm before, always just oil. This product works well and I enjoy the scents provided. I don't have a favorite yet but when I do I'll be ordering again.
Good value
I haven't picked a favorite yet, but the balm works really well and smells great without being too strong on the scent.
Decided this time to get the sampler versus a single fragrance. As usual the TBC has delivered a consistent product in a timely manner. First time trying the night cap fragrance and I love it. The sampler equals a single fragrance do you get the same time frame but a chance to change it up. Recommmended to friends and purchased for family so I can’t say much more than that.

Do yourself a favor and pick you up some.
Balms of each
Love the trial size balms! The scent is very nice from each. Keeps my beard feeling and looking full!
Balm trial pack is great
I'm absolutely loving the balm trial pack. The balm itself is excellent and having the trial packs I get to try out some different scents. So far I am a fan and enjoy alternating between them every couple of days. Highly recommend!
Mustache wax
I wish the container was smaller. It seems kind of like bulky plastic and I like to carry it in my pocket. Otherwise, I’m happy with the scents and the product overall.
Great stuff
I wasn’t sure on what flavor I was going to like so I got the trial pack. All smell great, the wife likes the clove the best.

Fast shipping and awesome free swag was in my box. That’s always awesome.
The Great State of Texas
A great sample pack
When in doubt, buy them all! Each scent has something to offer. It’s difficult to decide which is my favorite. I use each of them depending on what kind of day I think it’s going to be.
Beard balm and oil sample pack
Great stuff from Texas Beard Company. Love how it doesn’t leave a nasty residue on your hands after touching it and on shirts. My favorites are eucalyptus mint and the cloves. Big thicket is up there with them as well.
Beard balm trial pack
Love the smells and could be a bit stronger but the balms themselves work perfectly, helped me keep my beard tame and looking great! I look forward to trying some of their other products out soon! Plus love that y'all are a Texas brand!
Best beard balm ever
I’ve tried multiple brands. This stuff actually melts down when you handle it. If you have an unruly beard, this balm takes it quite well. I’ve tossed out all my other oils.
Bacliff, Tx
Liquified product
I’ve received it in liquid state because it liquefies at 80F and that was highly possible during shipping or storage. This product was shipped to me in Saudi Arabia BTW.

I’ve put it in the refrigerator and it returned back to solid state but I’m not sure if some ingredients were lost already.

I know it’s not Texas Beard Co. fault but this is something to consider for any future ideas you want to develop for your products. Maybe to add some preservation or such things.
I really like the citrus beard balm and so does my wife, bonus. The balm is great for control and the price and delivery were great. I recommend this to all the men with beards I know.
It's all great
All the cents are awesome! Citrus Clove being my favorite, and the quality is great, Highly recommended
Beard balm trial size
This set is great. My husband is just learning how to add balm into his daily routine and how to use it. The smaller sizes are perfect for travel and gives him a chance to figure out his favorite scent.
Keeps it tame.
Have used the oils for almost 2 years. Oils were good, but still get some frizz with increased length. This balm helps shape it and keep it shaped. A nice addition for treating 'bad beard days'.
New York
Excellent Gift
Purchased for my bearded boyfriend. Great way to sample different scenes. Night cap and Mint Eucalyptus are my faves that he wears. Perfect for travel as they do not leak. Recommendations: rubbing product between your palms to loosen the oils and make it more manageable.
Too hard
Too hard, not easy to apply like some other brands. Not soft and easy to use like the ad states. scents are good, but did nothing to tame fly aways without the wax.
Great quality combined with great scents. Clean, not heavy or greasy. Not an overpowering smell that’s easy to wear all day. Repeat customer for sure.
Beard Balm Trial Size - 4 Pack
This is a great way to try the various scented balms and pick your favorites. The balm is a bit hard to get out of the jar at first but with a little patience it scoops out and warms between the palms quite nicely. Also works well.
Cypress, TX
Loving the Sampler Pack
Snooped around the internet for a while looking for some beard balm. I didn't want to pay the price to be all in on a specific scent before it hit my olfactory bulbs. So when I saw that Texas Beard had a sampler pack... I jumped on it. And is has not disappointed. This is the first time I have purchased beard balm (in fact, it's my first "adult" beard, and I'm 55 yrs old!). It does what it promises. I especially like that it has tamed the many wild gray hairs that need some coaxing. And I really like that I can try on four difference scents before I commit to the larger jar of balm. Thanks to TBC for putting together a sampler pack. Gotta go and order my next balm.
Beard Balm
I’ve been using the beard balm for a couple weeks and can already tell a difference. Great product!

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