Mint Eucalyptus Beard Balm

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Texas Beard Company Beard Balm is has similar properties and benefits to our all natural beard oils. It will help keep your hair healthy, strong, and manageable.

In addition to oils we blend in naturally deodorized Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, and Coconut oil. We use naturally deodorized butters because you don't want your balm to smell like chocolate!

Unlike other balms on the market, ours has no wax. This means that our balm will not be as hard as others and also much easier to apply.

Comes in a 2oz tin.

Texas Beard Company products are made with all natural ingredients.

Base Balm Blend

  • Cocoa Butter
  • Shea Butter
  • Coconut Oil
  • Golden Jojoba Oil
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Grapeseed Oil
  • Avocado Oil

Essential Oil (Scent) Blend

  • Peppermint Oil
  • Eucalyptus Oil

Customer Reviews

151 Reviews
Lave all of their product.
Texas Beard Company Rocks!!!
The beard balm leaves my beard soft and takes care of the itch. The beard soap is the best in the market. Thank you, Texas Beard Company
Best Product on the Market
This is the best smelling product hands down. Just the right amount of smell so its not overpowering. 10/10
Beards are "hip and cool" and there are a million products on the market now, but nothing beats Texas Beard!! Products are high quality, smell great and their customer service is great. Even though I don't live in Texas anymore, I'll still keep buying their products!
Mint Eucalyptus Beard Balm - Awesome
This is the first time I ordered for my son. He loves it!
Good intro to beard products
I've never purchased beard balm, beard oil, etc. before - despite having a beard a few times I never grew it out to where I needed to do more than wash it with hair shampoo occasionally. So after some research, I purchased this balm and their brush and have been pretty happy with the results. It smells pretty good (I'm picky, particularly with eucalyptus oil) and is fairly easy to apply once you look up how to do so on Wiki-how (TBC should definitely include instructions with the balm or on their website). The only downside was that the smell was super long lasting and strong... It was all throughout my room and car until I washed my beard and wiped down the surfaces I touched when applying the balm. I'm guessing I may have used too much, but I definitely wasn't expecting that to happen. The smell was good though, just really strong.
Best Beard Balm!
Ordered this again for my handsome hubs. He recently chopped off several inches of his Poseidon-length beardage related to our Tennessee-summer heat, but his shorter shrubbery still looks and smells great with his favorite Texas Beard Mint Eucalyptus Balm. Thanks for making a great product that tames his whiskers without making them look yellow and doesn't trigger any migraines for me!
Cleanest scent out there
This is one of the cleanest freshest scents out there. Keeps my beard soft and manageable. Also helps maintain the moisture of the skin underneath.
Very nice!
This, along with most of TBC's oils/balms, is an excellent product. It works great and smells great. Personally, I really enjoy the mint eucalyptus; however, its near the bottom of my list as far as their other scents go. But being at the bottom of your top 10 list means you're still in the top 10, so don't read too far into what I'm saying. Remember, I gave this product 5 stars. I just don't wear this on a day to day basis. It reminds me of medicated lip balm, but in a good way. Like the description says, its great for opening up your sinuses. For me, I use this oil whenever I'm suffering from allergies, have a cold, etc. It has a very appealing smell that is very natural and could easily be worn all year long. Highly recommend if you like that minty, vapor rub type of smell.
I like mint.
I love these products and I love mint so much always happy to return. Never happy to shave off my beard. See you maybe next winter. I'll miss you
Good scent
I love the Mint Eucalyptus scent. It may be my favorite of all. Of course the Texas Beard Company quality is always top notch. My beard is thick and the 2 oz. balm lasts 4-6 weeks for me. I usually use about a quarter size amount in the morning while my beard is slightly damp after showering. I rub the balm through thoroughly and then come out my beard. It looks good and smells good for the day and the balm keeps the beard under control.
Mint Beard Balm
This is my first beard balm, and it’s pretty straightforward. I bought a few products at once so its hard to pin which is doing work, but overall I get the “your beard looks fuller” compliment.
The mint eucalyptus beard balm is a must have for me. It keeps everything in place and isn’t greasy or shiny, not to mention it smells great. I’ve used it for years and it’s become a complete staple of my routine.
Austin, TX
The Best.
Texas Beard Company is my favorite beard balm by far. I have a "big beard" and nothing compares in feel, texture or scent. I typically apply the balm just after the shower then a little bit of oil if I'm getting slicked up. You can't go wrong with this stuff.
Not satisfied (til I found this stuff)
I had tried a few different oils and balms from various companies.The smells for the oils was unappealing and the balms just didn’t work for me. This balm smells terrific to me, it doesn’t leave a greasy feel and keeps the strays under control. I am no longer searching for beard products. These are my guys!
Wonderful product
My husbands go to every day!
You can't go wrong!!!!
Texas Beard Company products are AWESOME!!!! Customer service is AWESOME!!! I have been ordering for over 5 years. I have only ever had 1 issue and it was related to shipping. They quickly corrected the situation. I have tried multiple products from other companies, I have always been disappointed and returned to TBC. My favorite is the Mint Eucalyptus smell. Keep up the good work!!!
fresh scented
this beard balm smells really good! I tried the oil and balm together for the first time since receiving my trial kit! will be ordering this one after I run out of my kits
Beard Balm
Love the Mint Eucalyptus Beard Balm. Shapes my beard well and smells great. Had the Clove Citrus last time that was good as well.
Part of the daily routine
Smells fantastic, and did a great job of softening up my beard. It's part of my daily routine, now.
Charlotte, NC
Mint Eucalyptus beard balm
I use it because I’m a man. You want to be a chick with facial hair, try products from those other guys. Texas Beard Co. beard balm brings life to my man beard. Get some, and your old lady won’t be able to keep her hands off of you.
I use it everyday!
I was using beard oil but traveling with the little glass bottles seemed to leave more in the zip lock bag and less in the bottle. The beard balm is amazing, it melts in my hands and applies quickly. This is the first beard balm that I’ve ever liked!
Minty Fresh
I've used a lot of different brands over the years and I have to say that this is second to none. Texas Beard Co. knows how to make great products that perform and smell fantastic. I will definitely be purchasing more products from them in the future.
Beard balm review
Fantastic product. This is my 4th time ordering from you guys and without a doubt, the best product i have used on my beard.

Sad but true
I’ve got a full beard and a shaved head. Instead of wiping off the excess balm on a towel I started putting it on my scalp. Not only do I smell great but my bald head looks great too! putting on lotion or another balm to hydrate my scalp.
Omaha NE

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