Pecan Coffee Organic Beard Wash

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Pecan Coffee Organic Beard Wash is just what it sounds like. An AWESOME bar shampoo for your beard.

While, our Beard Wash is formulated specially for beards it can be used as an all around shampoo/soap. Whether you call you it beard wash, beard shampoo, beard soap, or beard cleanser at the end of the day it does keeps your beard fresh and clean.

Made with all organic ingredients, you will find no harsh chemicals, solvents, or detergents. Each ingredient was chosen carefully to clean your beard with out drying it out or damaging it.

Why caffeine you ask? Some studies report that caffeine can help stimulate beard growth. We're not scientists so we can't confirm these findings but it certainly can't hurt to try.

Each big bar is 6oz. For most beards this is a 2-3 month supply.

  • goat milk
  • avocado oil
  • blend of essential oils
  • grapefruit extract
  • soy
  • caffeine
  • Rosemary
  • aloe
  • water

Customer Reviews

47 Reviews
Great stuff!!!
This works great as an alternative to the oil or balm. Really nice to not have to deal with oily hands.
Beard wash love
I have been using this beard wash for quite some time now, a couple years at least. In the past I have used all sorts of washes from many different brands, and for my beard, and my skin, so far this one has been my absolute favorite. The smell is phenomenal, the feel of my beard after a wash is amazing, and the life of the bar is unmatched. I work a dirty job, and I also train for triathlons, my beard will be dusty and dirty, or covered in chlorine, but this wash always makes it feel like I just spend my life being pampered with graves and olive oil.
I highly recommend this.
Great beard wash and scent is my favorite,
Will order again
This beard wash has a light scent. I wish it was stronger but it doesn't have to be. It lathers up like crazy and this bar will last a long time. It leaves my beard literally squeaky clean. Only reason I didn't leave 5 stars is because I would have liked a stronger scent.
Nice Subtle Scent
I like this soap as it provides a good clean and nice subtle scent. I live in Seattle so I don't need to smell like I bathed in coffee... there are enough of those people already.
Great beard wash, always
I strayed away and wash shaving my beard off. I now have a job that allows me to grow a big beard if I wanted too so I started using Walmart bought beard wash well let’s just say I’m glad I came back to TXBRDCO. Beard feels great after the wash and smells sooo good. Thank you txbrdco for the great product!
Round Rock, TX
Doesn't have
an overpowering scent. Husband should enjoy the soap.
Ft. Worth
Best beard soap ever.
I only wash the beard twice a week to avoid drying out, and wash day is my favorite because of this soap!
Lather me up!
I haven't used bar soap since I was a kid (short of motels), so I wondered how this was going to be. It's definitely good quality and really lathers up with minimal effort, so a little seems to go a long ways which says a lot since this is a good sized bar. I know some people have mentioned the lack of scent, but it's a bar of soap - it can only have so much smell I say. You get the real coffee scent in the oil and balm. You can pick up the coffee scent in the soap but it is light in comparison.
Best beard wash out there
Having been a customer with TBC for over a year now it was finally time to re-up my supplies. The last time I had purchased the Big Thicket Beard wash. Seeing how I was born and raised right here. And to my surprise not only did they nail the scent but I think it is one of the best washes out there. It leaves my beard soft and hydrated. And I can get the job done with one lather. I do t have to go back a second or third time to get my beard clean like I do with so many other brands. Not to mention that they are huge bars that will
Last me 2 months easy and I have a fairly thick large beard. So this time round I ordered the Pecan coffee organic beard wash and once again TBC did not disappoint. The Pecan coffee has the same effect as the Big Thicket leaving my beard soft and feeling fresh and clean and the scent is spot on. Anyone who grew up in this part of Texas knows there are smells that will bring you right back to your childhood and if there’s one thing we know here in deep S.E. Texas it’s the smell of fresh pecans and good strong coffee. It’s just a little reminder of where we came from. And how culturally unique this area is. So if you want a quality product at a reasonable price then look no further. TBC is the only stop you need to shop for all your grooming needs. And that’s all I got to say about that.
Mark S.
love it
love the beard wash smells great
love it
love the beard wash smells great
Beard soap
Can’t go wrong with this soap! Smells great, works great, and it’s from a great company! :)
Coffee beard wash
If you like coffee smell without the nastiness of spilt coffee then this is the stuff for you
San Antonio
I really like this soap. It has a nice fresh smell but doesn't smell like the pecan coffee heavy oil I bought. But, I wouldn't really expect it to smell that strong, it is a wash after all. I really like that it easily lathers and the soap doesn't disintegrate quickly so it will last a decent amount of time. And the bar is a nice size. This is something I would definitely buy again.
Not the best I've tried here
The beard wash in general is always great. I was kinda hoping this was gonna be as potent as the oil considering the Pumpkin Beard wash smelled wonderful. Can't really smell the coffee scent in this one though so that's a bummer. Pretty neutral in scent. Would be 5* if the scent was there.
Fort Worth, TX
Really like it!
Great product and unique scent. Wish the scent was more inviting, but it didn’t overpower my beard balm and oil. Works well to clean my beard and doesn’t dry it out like the other ones do. Will recommend to others!
Great beard bar!
Cleans my beard and smells great! Will buy again!
Great bread bar!
Cleans my bread and smells great! Will buy again!
Works great and smells awesome
Use this product on regular basis. Great!
This is great stuff it’s my first time using a beard a wash and I absolutely love it.
Doesn't smell like the oil.
Best beard wash I’ve used so far
Great Stuff
The reviews speak for themselves, this stuff is awesome!

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