Pecan Coffee Organic Beard Wash

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Pecan Coffee Organic Beard Wash is just what it sounds like. An AWESOME bar shampoo for your beard.

While, our Beard Wash is formulated specially for beards it can be used as an all around shampoo/soap. Whether you call you it beard wash, beard shampoo, beard soap, or beard cleanser at the end of the day it does keeps your beard fresh and clean.

Made with all organic ingredients, you will find no harsh chemicals, solvents, or detergents. Each ingredient was chosen carefully to clean your beard with out drying it out or damaging it.

Why caffeine you ask? Some studies report that caffeine can help stimulate beard growth. We're not scientists so we can't confirm these findings but it certainly can't hurt to try.

Each big bar is 6oz. For most beards this is a 2-3 month supply.

  • goat milk
  • avocado oil
  • blend of essential oils
  • grapefruit extract
  • soy
  • caffeine
  • Rosemary
  • aloe
  • water

Customer Reviews

26 Reviews
This is great stuff it’s my first time using a beard a wash and I absolutely love it.
Doesn't smell like the oil.
Best beard wash I’ve used so far
Great Stuff
The reviews speak for themselves, this stuff is awesome!
Pecan coffee beard wash
I ordered the wash without any details. I love it! Really gets down and scrubs my beard clean. The smell is amazing! I wish the smell was more dominant. Overall, I’ll buy again!
Smells great and really softens my beard.
This Coffee is Decaf
Love the beard wash! Lathers and softens the beard thoroughly. However, as said in previous reviews, this wash lacks the coffee scent and carries more of a neutral scent. Does it's job but if you're looking for a great coffee pecan scent, seek the beard oil.
Washington DC
I need more coffee! Pecan Coffee organic beard wash
As a beard wash this lathers up really nicely and is not harsh or overly drying (especially important during Wisconsin winters!).

My only wish would be more coffee smell...or some for that matter! The coffee aroma is virtually undetectable...which bummed me out.

Otherwise I am a returning customer, and am always happy with TBO's products.
Keep coming back again and again!
I love all of their beard washes. The only wash I use that doesn't dry out my beard. I keep coming back time and time again!!!!
Great product
Love the smell and how it makes my beard feel upon using it. Its so good, I bought two!
Coffee Beard Soap
The actual product is very good. The scent however is lacking. With a coffee scented beard soap, the scent should knock you on the floor and say “WAKE UP!!!!!!” Hopefully the guys at TBC will up the coffee scent and make it to where you know you’re washing with coffee
This shampoo is amazing. I run it through my beard thoroughly and it comes out soft and smells pretty good. Fiancé likes how soft it makes my beard. Thanks Texas Beard!
Pecan Coffee Organic Beard Wash
This beard wash is great! Leaves my beard feeling clean and has reduced the number of breakouts I've had from balms and oils. I only wish the scent was stronger.
The 'Ville, TX
Love Texas beard
Soap makes my husband's beard smell amazing and so soft to the touch. The oils are awesome also.
AR - Arkansas
Love Texas beard
Soap makes my husband's beard smell amazing and so soft to the touch. The oils are awesome also.
AR - Arkansas
Beard Wash
As usual, great product and great company.
Refreshing scent
The combo of the pecan and coffee gives this soap a refreshing and energizing scent. My girlfriend even likes it. This soap makes my beard feel soft and leaves everything laying in place and doesn't dry it out like other soaps do.
Dayton, TN
Lathers up so nicely and leaves an incredible clean feeling!
Altus, OK
Instant results
When I bought the soap I didn't have lot of expectations since I've used other beard softeners to no avail from other manufacturers but with this I was actually able to feel the difference only sad thing is the scent isn't very noticable

Smells great!
Smells great and it's not to strong it leaves my beard so soft!
Smells great and really softens facial hair
My husband loves this soap. It leaves his beard touchably soft and clean.
All the flavors and aromas of breakfast fused into your beard; long lasting scent that brings your beard to life.
This is a great product and my beard smells wonderful!
Great product and customer service
I just bought the coffee soap and the balm sampler pack. All the balms smell really smell good and last for several hours. The soap was damaged upon arrival but was replaced by the company immediately. The soap works extremely well and leaves my beard fresh and clean. I would recommend these products to anyone looking for a good beard wash and balm.

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