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We teamed up with the Chicago Comb Company to introduce the new Model 1 Carbon Fiber. This comb is based on the patented design of the acclaimed original Model 1 comb. This revolutionary design has a loop at the end to hold the comb while combing the hair, or to hang up the comb after use. At 5.5 inches (14 cm) long with medium-fine teeth, it's the perfect comb for everyday use and easily fits in your pocket or travel bag.

Made of a very high quality carbon fiber composite that's ultra smooth, strong, and light. Carbon fiber is also naturally anti-static, unlike traditional plastic combs which can give you unpleasant "static shock." It's also heat- and chemical-resistant, unlike regular combs, and is far more durable. A truly professional-grade comb.

Originally introduced on Kickstarter, where it became most successful hair comb ever launched there (out of 30+ other comb projects). Designed and made in U.S.A

Customer Reviews

11 Reviews
Comb is awesome best beard comb I've ever had.
Beat beard comb ever!
This comb is hands down so much better than a wooden comb. I have three of these one for home, one for work and one for the truck. Get yourself one of these and you won’t be disappointed
Richlands, NC
Great comb
Definitely an upgrade to plastic comb I had been using. I never thought a comb could bring joy but combing my beard is so much more enjoyable now.
Another big win!
Two or three swipes with this comb and I knew instantly that I'd be buying more, one for the house and one for travel. It doesn't pull or snag the beard and fits perfectly in the pocket.
Carbon Fiber comb
Love it, I use it all the time as my main beard comb.
The Carbon Fiber Comb is the "BEST" comb I have used on my beard. it glides through with ease and I have some curly beard hair. I like it so much I had to order enough to have one at home, work, truck and bike. $$$ well spent :)
Richlands, NC
Carbon Fiber Comb
It’s made out of carbon fiber. It’s awsome and it’s made out of carbon fiber.
Carbon Fiber Comb
Had a little moustache comb. It pulled hair, and finally started losing teeth. The carbon fiber comb is the solution!
Lorena, Texas
Carbon fiber comb
Great addition to my wooden beard brush. Best thing is there is no static with the carbon fiber.
Very nice
Chicago comb company makes some very nice, quality products and this is my favorite comb. The ends are smooth so they dont scratch your skin and it being made of carbon fiber is naturally anti-static so it won't make your hair frizz out. I use it on my head as well as my beard. I love this comb
I absolutely love this comb I’m a fan a Chicago Comb Co. and already own there model #2.

This is a great comb very light in wieght love the carbon fiber all around it’s a badass looking comb

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