Sandalwood Reserve Beard Oil (Limited Edition)

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Sandalwood Reserve Beard Oil is a very special limited edition. Unlike other brands, this oil is made with pure (uncut) Sandalwood Essential Oil. We do not add any other essential oils to dilute the scent.

Mixed with our much-loved signature beard oil base blend, you'll love this special oil. We only make small batches of this every year or so, so get it while it's here.

This is our original size, 1 fluid ounce. This is enough oil to last most beards 3-4 months with daily use.

Texas Beard Company products are made with all natural ingredients.

Base Oil Blend

  • Golden Jojoba Oil
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Grapeseed Oil
  • Avocado Oil

Essential Oil (Scent) Blend

  • Pure Sandalwood Oil

Customer Reviews

15 Reviews
Great Oil
Love It. Not overpowering. Very fresh smell. My wife loves it.

I really like the way your beard oils soften up my beard. I am hooked on your products.
I'm not convinced there's any sandalwood
I purchased 2 bottles of this oil based on the positive reviews. I assumed they would smell as nice as the mint eucalyptus I've been using. They don't smell bad, they don't smell good, it's basically un scented which is pretty uncharacteristic for anything claiming to be sandalwood. As an unscented oil I have no problem with it (maybe 4 stars), but I would have bought something else if I had known this.
Another perfect oil from TBRD Co.
This limited reserve oil is yet another amazing oil from these guys. I've tried every oil on the site so far and this is a new favorite. The sandalwood scent is perfect - a classy masculine scent that hits all the right notes without being overpowering. Not only does this stuff smell amazing, but it truly does keep my beard soft and manageable while eliminating the itch. Keep up the great work, fellas.
British Indian Ocean Territory
New Sandalwood Reserve Beard Oil
Great Sandalwood smell. A terrific addition to the line up. Pumpkin Spice is still my favorite. This is a nice second.
Happy Wife
I normally use your Mint Eucalyptus Beard Oil and thought I would try the limited Aged Sandalwood Reserve Beard Oil. Wow, my wife loves the lasting sent. I think I should have gotten a second bottle.
Good stuff!
I just received my Aged Sandlewood. I have not used this product before. So I was wanted to give it a try since I have almost all scents from TBC. My favorite is the Clove Citrus. I like Sandlewood and the wife loves it more. Which works out in my favor! I have used several Sandlewood products in the past to include some when I have to shave. I have been wearing this Aged Sandlewood for several days and it is by far my favorite scent. I have been disappointed by other wood scented oils and this one does not do that. It has a great lasting scent and will be on my purchase list again.
Sandalwood Beard Oil
I purchased the sandalwood beard oil because it was aged for two years. This is the first time I have tried any Texas Beard Company products. I am very satisfied with the texture it gives my beard. The fresh wood aroma is more to my taste and my wife really loves it. So it is a SCORE! I will be buying more Texas Beard Products soon.
1st time purchase.
Great smell, fresh cut wood. Looking forward to buying more reserve products in the future. El paso, tx.
My fiancé loved this beard oil, he has loved all the products we have received from your company!!
Best beard products around
Wether you're into balms or oils these guys have you covered! I switch back and forth between balms and oils, I prefer balms but will not neglect to use my oils .

And over at Texas Beard co. They've got the best oils around, great scents, great products that moisturize your beard and keep it healthy, if you missed your chance to get a bottle of this Aged Sandlewood Reserve beard oil then you are definitely missing out, I love it! So happy that I bought 2 bottles when I made the order, I'll definitely be needing and using both!

Thanks Texas Beard Co. For the best beard products around!
Morgan City, Louisiana
Great product! Smells great and keeps my beard soft. I have bought many products from Texas Beard Co. and will continue to do so.
As usual very good product. Could use just a bit more sandal wood fragrance. But I would buy it again.
Aged sandalwood beard oil
Fantastic fragrance that keeps my beard soft. Have been hoping for a sandalwood scent, and this one does not disappoint. So thrilled that Texas beard company keeps on expanding!
A must have
This is my new favorite beard oil and hope they come out with more
Basically Unscented
I guess the oil is ok, but for the life of me, I cannot smell the sandalwood. Might as well have bought the unscented oil. I like the TBC products, but this one was definitely a miss.

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