Clove Citrus Beard Oil

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Make your beard magestic! Texas Beard Company Beard Oil is a carefully hand-mixed blend of All Natural oils mixed with a subtle amount of essential oils to make your beard smell as good as it looks.

Extensive testing on bearded Texas men NOT animals (although they have been called worse) has resulted in the perfect blend of scents.

The Clove Citrus blend features classic Clove scent mixed with Orange, Tangerine, and Grapefruit essential oils.

So step up your facial hair game and turn that scraggle and scruff into something great.

This is our original size, 1 fluid ounce. This is enough oil to last most beards 3-4 months with daily use.

Texas Beard Company products are made with all natural ingredients.

Base Oil Blend

  • Golden Jojoba Oil
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Grapeseed Oil
  • Avocado Oil

Essential Oil (Scent) Blend

  • Clove Oil
  • Orange Oil
  • Tangerine Oil
  • Grapefruit Oil

Customer Reviews

154 Reviews
Tx Beard all the way
Love it GREAT product
Citrus Clove Beard Oil
This is the beard oil that I use daily. All Texas Beard Oil products are great

Clove Citrus Beard Oil
I have used this product for about a month now and have seen excellent results through that time period. This oil promotes facial hair growth and leaves your skin with a great scent and feel. I would suggest this product to anybody who is looking to grow facial hair and has a couple extra dollars to spend!
Great scent. Tried it when I got the little four pack, liked it so much I got a stand alone bottle when the sampler ran out.
When the company that I’d been buying beard oil from folded, finding a new product of the same quality was a challenge. The brand is been using, Men’s Spiffy Stuff, was a light oil with a natural ingredient base, and very subtle scent that was entirely from essential oils. I’m pretty allergic to artificial frangeance, and all the samples I was finding contained it. All I was smelling was cheap perfume, and they’d give me a headache, stuffy nose, and itchy eyes. Needless to say, I couldn’t wear them.

I came across a TBC add on Facebook, and was pleased to see they listed all ingredients, which were NATURAL. It was very similar in profile to what I’d been using, but with more variety in scents. Reading the ingredients for the citrus spice oil, I knew exactly how it would smell. And when I got it, it was spot on. Light, pleasant scent, oil is light and leaves my fur silky feeling. Also, the price is very reasonable. I’ve seen (and bought) lesser oil for more.

I’ve found my new jam. Thanks, guys!
Clove Citrus Beard Oil
Love this scent and only wish it lasted longer.
Supercharged beard oil!
This is a super high quality beard oil. I use it before bed liberally, next morning, my beard is very soft. I also use it before applying my balm. Your products have helped my beard 100%. No itch or flakes, a nice clean scent that doesn’t make you smell like a woman!
New Albany, MS
Forever clove citrus
Amaaaazing!!! I've ordered from other beard care places and I ALWAYS keep coming back to Texas Beard Co. Lesson learned.
Wonderful citrus scent
This was my first time buying this oil (and accompanying balm). I live strong citrus scents, and this doesn't disappoint. It's a little light on the cloves, but with the balm, and another company's citrus-clove soap I use in the shower, there's good balance.
Spicy citrus and clove
It's zingy and unique and it brings autumn to my mind, for some reason.
Citrus-Clove and also Tumbleweed Beard Oil are great. Citrus Clove is not overbearing and the Tumbleweed is great if I want to use a cologne bought by my wife. The oil works great in my beard and also conditions my skin so no flakes. I have tried other beard oils but Texas Beard Oil is my favorite.
Great Product!
I've been trying to find a beard oil that smells great and softens my beard. After looking for a while I came across the Texas Beard Company!
Great product from an awesome company, the oil is super easy to clean up after application and gives off an amazing aroma. Will buy again!
Smells great!
Part of my first purchase from Texas beard company. Smells great, and not overpowering. Wish I had bought a few more bottles to try out the other scents as well. So far, very happy with this product. Also, shipped fast, and everything was packaged securely.
Love it
A bit heavy on the clove
Overall a great product but is heavier on the clove side than I'd personally like. Was hoping for more a citrus scent.
Great product
Smell is amazing couldn't ask for a better beard oil
Smells great! Especially for fall. Feels smooth all day long
Quality product
This beard oil is well worth the money, the smell is fantastic. And leaves my beard feeling soft and fresh. 10/10 will recommend and purchase more.

New Jersey
Back to the beginning
This was the first scent i purchased. I have tried others but this is by far my favorite. Just a great scent overall.
Pumpkin spice beard oil
not a strong smell leaves your beard soft nice shine to it .

I would buy it again
Amazing product
Keeps my beard smelling great and smooth for the price and the overall satisfaction I’ve had from this product I highly recommend to anyone
Clove Citrus Beard Oil
<p>I am writing this review on behalf of my oh so busy husband. This is his first time growing a beard and is new to the whole maintenance and up keep routine that comes with having thick facial hair. We decided to look into beard oil and other beard shampoos because I kept complaining of the smell, especially when it was wet. He was also kind of put out with how his beard was wild and tangly. We decided to go with an oil from Texas Beard Company because he is a proud Texan and this stuff is made close to where he is from. To put it mildly, we are completely satisfied! His beard smells great all the time and his hair is now tamed. On top of all of that greatness, his beard is shinier than ever! I don't know who is more excited about our purchase, him or me. Thanks for this great product and we can't wait to try more products! He has been checking the mail everyday for his newly purchased brush! Love love love you guys!</p>
Great for the fall season!
Wife loves this scent on me in the fall and I enjoy it very much myself. I was gifted a bottle last Christmas and I just ordered it again. Definitely recommend!
Great product
I've had several beard oils but this one is definitely in my top 3. Smells great and keeps my beard under control. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a solid product. Keep up the good work!

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