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This Big Thicket Beard Oil from Texas Beard Company will have your beard tamed and smelling like you just came home from a day of choppin wood.

Big Thicket is scented with a subtle blend of Cedarwood and Pine Needle essential oils to smell just like the famous Texas forest.

Texas Beard Company's Big Thicket Beard Oil, with its Cedarwood & Pine Needles scent makes me feel like I'm back adventuring in the deep Texas woods.
Chris Brown / Publisher Refueled Magazine

Texas Beard Company products are made with all natural ingredients.

Base Oil Blend

  • Golden Jojoba Oil
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Grapeseed Oil
  • Avocado Oil

Essential Oil (Scent) Blend

  • Cedarwood
  • Pine Needle

Customer Reviews

113 Reviews
Big Thicket Oil
Great scent and also holds the beard in place.

This one is my favorite.
Love it
Scent and feel are top notch. Great product!
Love it.
Great beard oil. I have sensitive skin and this is the best I’ve found.
College Station
Great Stuff
Who doesn't want to smell like they were just slapped in the face with a cedar tree. Manly, fresh scent. Keep the good stuff coming TBC!
Best Product on the Market
This is the best product on the market hands down! Smells great, works great, and makes me feel great
Absolutely love this stuff
I can’t say enough about this beard oil. I’ve tried other products and none of them do as well as Texas Beard Co’s. And what Lone Star loving Texan wouldn’t love a product made right here in the greatest state of the union? The Big Thicket scent makes me feel like I should be felling trees in the great northwest heavily clad in flannel. Plus it makes my beard smooth as a Joe T’s margarita, which the Mrs. loves.
Excellent oil
Excellent beard oil and products highly recommend
Good Stuff
I was a skeptic before (I mean, beard that even a real thing?), but after giving it a try I changed my mind. Beard is looking and feeling great. I can definitely tell when I forget to use it!
As always I love this beard oil. The scent isn’t overpowering, but strong enough to notice. Inexpensive and helps my beard smell great and my skin feel healthy!
New Jersey
Said it before, I'll say it again
The best beard oil I've tried, the best scent, and an excellent company. Combing aromatic pine into my beard every morning is a pleasure.
Always top-knotch!
I always get the product on time, and anything I choose smells and works great. Never greasy. Always light and great quality.
South Carolina
Big Thicket is grade "A"
I've tried several beard oils. Most to my lowest liking. So I decided to give Texas Beard Co. a try. Much to my satisfaction, I'm very thankful I did. I love BIG THICKET! This oil runs smooth, but goes on thick enough to hold on to my mutton chop hair. It has done wonders for my skin underneath..No more itching from day one of use. I also like to add that the scent is on point. The woodsy cedar pine smells incredible, but not overwhelming. I highly recommend this to anyone who is sporting their whiskers. Tame it, style it, and enjoy the masculine scent.
Great Beard Products
I have used many of the beard products that are offered in many stores, and online. I have tried products from "The Beard Club" to the less popular brands found in Walmart, CVS, and Walgreens. By far these products are superior to their competitors.
Big Thicket Beard Oil and Beard Balm
I think I have previously reviewed these items, but it can't hurt to give it another 5 star review! I had tried several different brands of beard oils and beard balms before I settled on one brand. Texas Beard Company! Big Thicket Beard Oil and Beard Balm is my favorite!
Love the Oil, not a fan of the bottle.
The smaller bottles of oil is just fine with a plastic cap that feels secure when closed, and I feel comfortable enough taking it on travels.

The larger bottle has a metal cap. And it didn’t feel as secure when I tried to tighten it. It even felt like if you went to far, it would jump the track, and become lose again. I’m not comfortable taking this with me if I had to travel. And when I ordered another bottle cause I was running low; a portion of the oil spilled out while being delivered to me. Confirming why I don’t want to pack it. Thankfully it was in a plastic bag, so the mess was minimal.
Best Scents
I’ve tried other products and they all left me smelling like no man with a beard should. Each oil I’ve tried smells true to the advertised scent, conditions my beard and most importantly, doesn’t smell like women’s shampoo. I’ll be a Texas Beard Company customer for life.
Texas Beard Company's Big Thicket beard oil and balm
Hey, all. I've been using the Big Thicket beard oil and balm for nearly three quarters of a year now and I think it's amazing. The oil has given my beard much needed moisture and conditioning for our dry Southern Alberta weather, and the balm has soothed my curls and waves into something that's not only manly, but pretty damn good looking too. The Big Thicket scent is backwoods awesome and makes me even more satisfied with the great products from the Texas Beard Company. While I live in Canada, I don't hesitate to get my beard products from the good folks at the Texas Beard Company. Welcome to the Beard Brotherhood!
Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
The best beard oil.
I have ordered different beard oils from a few online companies. I really like this one the best. The scent is amazing. And the price is decent as well. I got the smaller bottle at first. Just to make sure I like the smell, and feel. So after, I went for the larger bottle. I miss calculated when to order, so I went two days without this oil. I’ll make sure not to make that mistake again. Delivery time isn’t bad. Other companies seem to take a week to deliver, with the Texas Beard Company, I got it within like3-4 days.
As advertised. Great product. Great scent.
Nice restrictor cap on 3 oz bottle much better then dropper, solid performance great scent
As with the other scented oils this one is in tame in odor but works just as great. Light manly scent. Highly recommend. Eventually I'll buy each scent they produce!
Good stuff!
I have been using Texas Beard Company products from day one of using beard care products. They have been top quality every time and I have zero intentions of using any other products.
Big Thicket Oil
I received my Bog thicket oil and always, impressed with not only the smell but the price as well. Thanks again Texas Beard Company, great products.
Great product. Excellent scent.
Great product. Excellent scent.

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