Cinnamon Mint Beard Oil (Limited Edition)

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Just in time for the holidays, Cinnamon Mint beard oil has a refreshing blend of cinnamon and peppermint essential oils to perk up your day.

This is our original size, 1 fluid ounce. This is enough oil to last most beards 3-4 months with daily use.

Texas Beard Company products are made with all natural ingredients.

Base Oil Blend

  • Golden Jojoba Oil
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Grapeseed Oil
  • Avocado Oil

Essential Oil (Scent) Blend

  • Cinnamon
  • Peppermint

Customer Reviews

16 Reviews
Not to crazy about this one.
The cin flavor ( essence ) starts off strong but leaves pretty quickly
Awesome Product and People
This product is great. It really softens my beard and the scent lasts all day long. The people running this customer are extremely nice, too. There was an issue with my order and they answered and resolved the problem almost immediately.
By far my favorite scent ! Not to overpowering but still a good strong smell with the same quality oil as usual.
Nice holiday scent great product
Not really a smell that I like. I love big thicket though.
The oil itself rocks. Texas Beard Co makes excellent beard oil in a variety of scents, so it’s hard to picture going elsewhere. Of course scent preference is subjective, and in the long run I’m probably not a cinnamon guy (but I had to try it right?). That said, they nailed the scent. Just make sure you like cinnamon on your face! If so, you’ll enjoy. I will definitely be wearing it for the holidays, but may use more sparingly in 2018 ;)
Good scent! Not too strong.
A good scent for hanging out by the fire on a cold day!
Very strong scent and I love it!!!
The event is amazing! The cinnamon is the strong point in the scent and it will last all day for me.
Very disappointed
This Oil does not have a pleasant smell. Thought it would have more of cinnamon smell to it. All I could smell was the mint and that’s not a good smell at all. I won’t be using it and wish I had my normal clove citrus instead.
Not much cinnamon or mint
I have tried many of your beard oils and balms and were very pleased with them. My favs are clove citrus and green belt.

I was not very impressed with the new cinnamon mint oil. Not much cinnamon or mint going on and the base oil seemed to have a different odor than usual.
Not what I expected.... but .....
I play Santa every year at Children's Hospitals in So Cal and thought the Cinnamon Mint would be a fun oil to use this year.
The Nurses I first met said it wasn't a welcoming scent and it may remind the kids of medicine.
However, 3 Surgeon friends liked it , so I have given the bottle away to one of them.
EVERY OTHER oil I have purchased from Texas Beard has been outstanding and well enjoyed.
Harvest Pumpkin will be my Santa Beard oil this season, and if you have not tried the Coffee Beard oil ... the Ladies young and old will LOVE it.
So Cal Santa.
Solana Beach Ca
Cinnamon Mint beard oil
I would like to say that I’ve liked every product y’all make, except this one. Cinnamon mint had a Air deodorizer smell to it. I love all the oils I’ve tried before though: pumpkin spice, citrus clove, big thicket, pecan coffee, & mint eucalyptus. Most of these I’ve purchased twice!
San Antonio
Likr cinnamon candy
<p>The oil was a bit sticky to the touch, so you definitely have to wash your hands well. The scent is reminiscent of cinnamon hard candy and lingers for several hours.
Creative scent
Gives a type of candy cane smell, love it!
Cinnamon Mint

Love the smell, very subtle. Wife says best one yet

Smells like Christmas!
Just in time for the holidays, Texas Beard Company does it again. They knock it out of the park with this Cinnamon Peppermint beard oil. I literally just tried it after spending a week out in the woods in northern Wisconsin whitetail deer hunting, and I could not be happier. It's got a perfect blend between the two scents. And has a long lasting smell. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves the smell of cinnamon, peppermint or just wants to help spread some holiday joy!

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