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This military style Beard Brush is made with a hard wood handle and Natural firm Boar Bristles.

This brush is great for evenly distributing Texas Beard Co. Beard Oil. The soft bristles won't damage your beard.

NOTE: Beard Oil not included.

Dimensions: about 5" x 2.5"

Made by Brush Strokes

*not made in Texas

Customer Reviews

160 Reviews
Perfect fit
The brush is a perfect gift and handles well.
Austin, TX
Great brush
This is an excellent brush and you definitely can't beat the price. I've had similar brushes that cost 3-4x as much, but weren't any better quality. The firm brush is perfect for longer/thicker beards and is a little rougher on the skin as compared to the soft brush. However, by simply learning how to brush your beard.... you probably won't scratch your skin.... Anyway, the softer brush is probably better suited for people with shorter beards. Personally, I recommend getting both. I've purchased or 3 of the firm brushes over the years and about 5 or 6 of the soft brushes (lost a few). I keep a brush at home, in my car, and at my desk at work. Highly recommend!
Not the same as the one I bought back when TB co was a fledgling company. Seems as they have grown they have had to streamline certain things.
Firm beard brush
Great brush it is firm enough to get threw my beard down to the skin
2nd brush I've purchased...
Love this brush. Works great once your beard starts getting longer.
Good Brush
good brush, just a bit to soft for my needs though. it works well, smooths out the beard gives a great finish, it just doesn't seem the dig into the deep hair though.
Waynesboro, Pa
A nice addition to the grooming routine
This brush does well in the coarse, longer beard arena. It’s not a must have, perhaps, but definitely a nice addition to the morning ritual.
Great beard brush
I have never really allowed my beard to grow out. But now that I have I'm learning how best to tend it. To that end my barber suggested getting a stiff brush to help tame my newfound growth. This one fits the bill perfectly.
Ft. Morgan, CO
Tx Beard all the way
I had another brush but this one beats it (beard) hands down
Beard Brush- Firm
This product works vey well for me because I have tough beard hair. It also works well for those with a thick beard as well.
Definite need
My beard is perfect in seconds.
Awesome Brush
Great brush all around. Works well when my beard is shorter and a bit longer. Helps get the oil into my beard evenly and feels great. The wood and bristles are high quality and look great.
Great brush
Love using my brush to evenly distribute product throughout the beard. Helps hold and shape my beard, and is great even when not applying product. I use it every chance I get, whether it’s brushing in product, or driving down the road and brushing/shaping my beard. I highly recommend the brush’s for all beard wearers, and would say that beard care is just as important as any other daily higene routine.
I love this brush
I use it every day it's better than any other brush and saves you beard oil the brush speads it evenly. Best purchase from this company for sure buy it from texas beard company they know what beards like
I love how soft but still firm enough for my beard.
Beard Brush - Firm
First bought the softer brush but I think I prefer this one. I use this every day at home and keep the soft brush in my work backpack for tuning up the beard during the day at work. Both good products.
Cypress, TX
Finally a good brush
Finally found a brush that gets all my beard hair. A must have in your beard kit
Sweet Brush
Great product for distributing oil through longer beards. Bristles aren’t too stiff. Snag one of their combs as well, and you’ve got yourself a sweet setup.
Both brushes work great, feel great and look great.
Perfect Beard Brush
Perfect brush for everyday use. Highly recommend this brush.
Dallas Tx
Great brush for grooming!
Great brush for a great beard
It feels good the beard without hurting the face. Does a great job at taming the beard.
Firm Beard Brush
Well made handle with a good fit for a palm. Quality build. Provides longer bristles to tame longer beards. Works the beard wax evenly into the beard.
What I needed
Tnt beard has gotten bigger and I was definitely needing additional help. Use my comb to really get my chin some feel goods and work my oils and balms in. This brush really helps clean it up and push all of those hairs the same direction and gather any strays.
Beard brush
Good day,
I ordered a beard brush, and I was hoping that the brush would be a bit heavier duty (like previous reviews had stated). My beard is thicker and it requires a more durable brush. I ended up waiting over 10 days for a brush that barely even disturbs the outer hairs of my beard, essentially rendering it useless.

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