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These are handmade pocket sized (approx. 5"Wx2.5"H) beard/hair combs.

This is the new version of our "Mini Big Beard Pocket Comb," It has a thicker body which we've found to help glide through you beard easier and with less snagging.

These have shorter teeth than our Big Beard Comb and are also wider which makes them suitable as a hair comb as well as a beard comb.

Each comb is individually cut with a Maple body with a Walnut handle, then fine sanded/filed smooth by hand, and finally friction-polished with a beeswax/mineral oil blend in order to be ultra smooth on your face and beard.

These beard combs are handmade by a North Carolina woodworker Matt Bell.

Because of natural variations in wood, the comb you receive may differ slightly from the pictures.

Customer Reviews

55 Reviews
Good quality
The comb is obviously well-made and of high-quality materials. Unfortunately, I find the teeth are slightly too far apart to be particularly effective. I would love to see a similar comb with the teeth maybe 20-30% closer. That would be perfect.
Best comb must buy 2
This comb is definitely needed! I barely loose any beard hair when combing compared to kent combs or afro pics that slices threw and sheds off a lot of beard hair
Awesome Product!
My husband absolutely loves his comb!! He says it is the best one he has ever tried! Thank you for this American made product!
Mini Beard Comb Review
Excellent alternative to cheap, gas station plastic. Superior, in fact, and that by a wide margin.
So good I got three!
Bought an extra one for myself and one for my friend, that's how much I like this comb. It works well, doesn't break, and is pretty much maintenance-free, plus it's made of some beautiful wood. Works really well as a normal hair comb too.
North Texas
Good Quality, but not Mini
I used to have a very tiny, about 2 inches long, comb from Texas Beard, but it mysteriously vanished about 6 weeks ago. It, too, was fantastic quality as is this one. It's just not mini, it's about the size of a small hair comb. It does a good job of taming my mane and spreading my beard oil evenly. And it is good for picking out beard dandruff, debris, food, etc.
The Best
This comb has helped me maintain my beard, and it is the best I have used. the spacing and the length of the teeth are just right for my hair texture and length.
Pocket Sized Wooden Beard Comb
I love my pocket sized beard comb. The comb is small enough in size to fit in my pocket so I bring it with me everywhere I go. Helps keep my beard from getting all wild like it likes to during the day. I really like the fact that its smooth with no sharp edges on it like plastic combs. I have had the plastic ones literally sheer hair if they encounter the slightest resistance. I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone looking for a comb that won't damage their hair.
Wood comb
Nice feel in your hand. Works very well.
Awesome comb
love it - big enough for a large beard or for your hair - very cool item
New York
Easily one of the best grooming devices I have ever used. The way that the handsanded comb flows through you beard is like nothing I have ever before experienced. It is well worth the money.
I bought this as a gift and it was a HUGE hit!! It is amazing quality and came with great packaging.
Love It!
This comb is to big to take with me in my pocket, but I love it for home use!
Midland City, Alabama
Holds Well
Medium sized comb holds well in the hand. Great for strumming through the beard, and even works great as a quick comb through the head hair.
Wooden comb
Not using it for my beard hair, but the hair on top of my head. Works great when hair is wet!
Mini Big Comb
Beautifully crafted product from quality materials. While the comb is gorgeous and well-made, I find the teeth to be a little thick personally. Still very functional and useful just holding back a fifth star wishing the teeth were a tad thinner and slightly closer set.
Morehead, KY
Awesome comb
Love the way it doesn't pull at my beard and keeps it looking neat
Big pocket comb..but worth it
Brilliant pocket comb. It's a biggun..but definitely worth buying.
Just like the big beard comb, it gets through a big beard with ease. Beauty is it'll fit in most pockets.
Great hand made quality as well.
Mini Big Beard Comb
I'm done forever with plastic comb teeth touching my beard. I'm a Wabi Sabi kind of guy and this wooden beard comb is my perfect personal beard solution. It feels really good, looks great, and will age beautifully with a patina of beard oil. Nicely done TBC! I will shop more soon.
The comb is fantastic! Better than I expected; a little larger than I thought it was going to be based on the fact that "mini" is in its title, but its the perfect size. Stands up well to my beard and combs through it very well.
Mini beard comb
Have a 1 inch semi thick goattee. Comb is nice, but overkill. The soft brush is best. Good quality and nice for the collection. Item was bought as a bundle, so no regrets!
Mini Comb works well for short beards
Once I saw the video for the handmade comb I knew my hubby had to have one. He loves it! Paired with the beard oil or balm it does a great job of actually helping the hairs stay down. I thought the teeth were too long for the "mini" comb but they aren't, works well!
Brookings, Or
Best Father's Day Gift.
I purchased this comb for my husband for Father's Day and he loves it. It brushes through his beard with out pulling.
Too Big
Great craftsmanship but too big for me. The comb is great if you have a ZZ Topp style beard but my goatee and stache need a smaller finer version.

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