5 Awesome Holiday Gifts from Texas Beard Company

Let’s face it – a lot of guys are hard to shop for around the holidays. But, if there’s a man in your life who proudly rocks a beautiful beard, you can easily find the perfect gift idea at Texas Beard Company. We’ve got a massive selection of high-end beard care goods at perfectly affordable prices, making it very easy for you to delight your loved one without breaking the bank.

Below, you’ll discover five awesome gift ideas for that bearded guy in your life. Each of these gifts are made with only the best-quality ingredients and materials, and they’re capable of dramatically improving a man’s facial hair while making his daily routine a little more luxurious and indulgent.

#1 Beard Thicket Beard Oil

The Beard Thicket Beard Oil is one of our top-selling products because of its aroma as well as its effectiveness. The fragrance is inspired by freshly cut wood, and it contains high-quality essential oils like cedarwood and pine needle to give it its fresh, natural and invigorating scent. Even more importantly, this beard oil is capable of giving a man the soft, luscious and healthy beard of his dreams.

#2: Beard Balm Trial Size 4-Pack

Once a guy tries beard balm, he rarely goes back. The best way to introduce that bearded guy to the magical powers of this product is by giving him the Beard balm Trial Size 4-Pack. This consists of four .5oz beard balms in individual jars. Each one contains its own unique fragrance that is derived from carefully sourced essential oils. And, they all contain natural ingredients that are derived from plant sources in order to add much-needed moisture while taming frizz and strays.

#3: Night Cap Organic Beard Wash

Having a healthy beard starts with cleaning it properly, and our Night Cap Organic Beard Wash does just that. This product is essentially a bar of beard soap that produces a generous lather without the harsh ingredients found in lots of commercial beard cleansers. It’s rich in plant-based oils that moisturize each strand, while caffeine potentially boosts hair growth. Best of all, it contains a variety of essential oils that are known for their relaxing properties.

#4: Carbon Fiber Beard Comb

If you know a guy who has a messy beard, giving him the Carbon Fiber Beard Comb is a great way to give him a subtle message. This beard comb is unique in that it’s made of heavy-duty carbon fiber, which is way more resilient than most materials from which beard combs are made. It’s designed for all beard types, and it’s capable of breaking up tangles without tugging on the hair in a way that’s detrimental.

#5: The Hand-Turned Walnut Shaving Brush

Last but not least, we have the Hand-Turned Walnut Shaving Brush. Shaving brushes may seem like a luxury, but they’re in fact very practical. They help you save money by creating a thicker lather so that you can use less product. And, this one features authentic badger bristles and a solid walnut handle that makes it just a little more luxurious than the rest.

Any Man Will Enjoy These Gifts From Texas Beard Company

Any of these five gift ideas will make a bearded man feel positively thrilled as he opens his present. If you want to take things to the next level, you can purchase all five and present him with a stellar gift basket of beard care goods. Regardless of what you choose, we can say with certainty that he’ll be glad to be using an excellent beard care product from Texas Beard Company.

Beard Oil 4-pack
Price: $47.99
Glorious Beard Shirt
Price: $12.00
Beard Oil 4-pack 3oz
Price: $89.97

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