5 Current WWE Superstars with Awesome Beards

If you’re looking for some beard inspiration, there’s really no better place to explore than the WWE. These days, the beard game among wrestling champions is strong. Many of our favorite players have bold styles that perfectly reflect their larger-than-life personas. From the full, unruly beards of our favorite heels to the more defined, structured looks of the most iconic babyfaces, facial hair is definitely having a moment within Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment.

Below, you’ll find our top picks for beards within the WWE. Each of these beards truly captures the personality of the player, enhancing their character once they’re in the ring. If you like any of these looks, we’re pleased to tell you that they’re easy to replicate. After all, who doesn’t want to rock the fearless look of a WWE superstar?

#5. Bray Wyatt

When Bray Wyatt isn’t getting in touch with his supernatural powers, he’s probably admiring his astonishingly robust, unapologetically full beard. Wyatt’s beard has gotten larger as his personality has gotten darker and more intense. With a long, unkempt hairstyle to match his overgrown beard, Wyatt really looks the part of a paganist from another world.

If you want to embrace your inner mystic like Wyatt, all that you have to do is let that beard grow and grow. It doesn’t appear that he spends a lot of time shaping his beard as his untamed facial hair is intended to match his uncontrollable temperament. So, you won’t have to do much once your beard has reached the desired length.

#4: Braun Strowman

Braun Strowman’s beard beautifully captures the balance between finesse and shameless, all-out rage that defines his personality in the ring. His long, thick beard is intimidating yet neatly rounded. His handlebar mustache ties the whole look together. And, his half-shaved head adds to his villainous demeanor.

If Strowman’s “tough guy” look appeals to you, you don’t have to work too hard to achieve his signature style. Just let your beard grow several inches below your face and trim it about once each week to keep the style nice and rounded. Then, shape the area around your lip to keep that mustache tight but not too neat.

#3: Elias

Elias’ beard is about as famous as the superstar himself. Like his acoustic guitar, this beard shows off the softer side of his personality, adding to his babyface-like tendencies that prevent him from going into full heel territory. His beard is also uniquely luscious, boasting thick hair that’s smooth, soft and noticeably shiny.

Elias’ facial hair is neat and trim, making it a bit more challenging to maintain. Still, if you want to rock this look, just know that it’s more about keeping your facial hair properly hydrated with a beard balm and a beard oil. This will give you the smooth, glossy look that you’re trying to achieve.

#2: Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns’ beard is the envy of many WWE fans, and we’re certain that it’s won him some healthy female attention as well. It’s clear that this is a guy who cares about his appearance, which is unsurprising if you consider his fascinating history in the ring. His short but full and thick beard makes him stand out while his slicked back, glossy locks give a gruff edge to his fairly neat facial hair style.

If you’re interested in seeing how this look works on you, just let your beard grow in fully and start thinning out the sides, leaving the center portion longer than the rest.

#1: Daniel Bryan

There’s no doubt that Daniel Bryan’s beard has helped him transform into the intimidating heel that he’s become. As he became more ruthless, his beard became more shamelessly untamed. Now that he’s grown his hair out as well, his look is unmistakably aggressive.

To copy Bryan’s current look, grow your beard out until it’s nice and long. Then, shave the tops of the sides and keep the mustache from spilling onto your top lip.

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Leave it to the WWE superstars to prove that a beard is just as important as a signature wrestling move. Luckily for us, these looks are all relatively easy to recreate so that we can embrace our inner wresting champion.

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