5 Simple Bearded Rules All Men Should Follow in 2021

If you’re going to put in the time and effort to grow and maintain a glorious beard, it’s crucial that you follow the rules. Beard health is as much of a science as it is an art, and there are several tried-and-true rules that ensure your facial hair looks and feels as good as possible. So, we’ll discuss the five most important rules when it comes to your facial hair.

Rule #1: Use Beard Oil and Balm Daily, Period

We at Texas Beard Company are beard oil and beard balm guys. Why? Because it’s easily the single most essential part of maintaining the health of your beard, and for a number of reasons.

  1. Facial hair is far more likely to be dry than the hair on your head. This means that it requires ample moisture on a daily basis so that it doesn’t become dehydrated, brittle and prone to damage.
  2. Beard oil gives your facial hair nutrients that it needs in order to grow quickly and evenly while feeling wonderfully soft to the touch.

Rule #2: Pay Attention to the Skin Beneath Your Beard

When focusing on the health of your beard, don’t neglect the skin beneath it. Your skin and your beard have a symbiotic relationship, and if one is suffering, the other will also. Your skin needs to be kept clean and moisturized so that it doesn’t develop issues that can interfere with your hair follicles, such as fungal infections and serious inflammation. So, maintain a daily skincare routine that consists, at the very least, of a cleanser and a moisturizer.

Rule #3: Trim to Avoid Split Ends

There’s no way to prevent split ends, as they are simply a natural sign of aging that affects each individual hair. The only way to stay on top of split ends is by trimming the facial hair regularly. Now, we get it – you may feel that trimming your beard interferes with the growing process that allows it to reach its desired length. But once those split ends are there, you’re going to end up with a frizzy, disheveled mess as those damaged strands continue to grow – there’s simply no way around it.

Rule #4: Avoid Extreme Heat

If there is one environmental factor that’s any beard’s enemy, it has to be extreme heat. Extreme heat can dry out already dehydrated facial hair and can cause frizz and damage. So, pay attention to the heat to which you expose your facial hair.

  • Do you sleep under a heating vent?
  • Do you take outrageously hot showers?
  • Do you rinse your beard with super-hot water?

Bottom Line: Make adjustments as needed in order to stay a bit cooler.

Rule #5: Wash Your Beard Regularly

We’re always surprised to find out how many guys don’t wash their beards regularly. The fact of the matter is that you absolutely must wash your beard at least once a week, and even more if you have very fine facial hair. Not only is unwashed facial hair dirty and greasy, but it’s also capable of causing a bacterial or fungal infection that damages the follicles. Invest in a beard wash that’s gentle but effective, and also stick to a routine to keep your beard clean.

Your Beard Can Really Rule When Following These Simple Rules!

In order to enjoy a healthy, long-lasting and super soft beard, you must practice these five rules religiously. Otherwise, you could end up with a beard that’s damaged or unhealthy, which will more than likely require you to cut it all off. Even after putting in all of that time to grow it to its desired length. Keep this info on hand in order to ensure that all of your bases are covered for a spectacularly healthy and attractive beard.

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