5 Steps for Growing and Maintaining a Goatee

In the world of men's facial hair, a goatee is typically considered a good beard for men with weak chins and/or round faces. Regardless of face type, however, a goatee can be a relatively low maintenance facial accessory that can improve uniqueness and serve as a confidence booster. We'll discuss five important steps for growing and maintaining an excellent goatee no matter what your face type.

Step 1: Grow the Foundation
Put away your shaving accessories for a little bit and get that beard coming in thick and full. Let your facial hair grow below and around your mouth even if it seems to have reached the point of adequate length for a goatee. By letting it grow a bit more than you may have expected, shaping your goatee will be an easier task. The timeline of growth should be around a week, maybe slightly more for men with thinner beards.

Step 2: Give it Shape
Once your foundation is sufficiently grown in, it's time to start shaping the goatee. Using a trimmer or single blade, mold the goatee into the shape you desire. This is an easier task if your facial hair is a bit longer than initially planned because it makes it visually simpler to see and outline. Work around your cheeks and chin until you find the shape you want. Remember, symmetry is critical. Make sure the length and width of the goatee are balanced on all sides.

Step 3: Trim it Regularly
Even if you want your goatee to continue to grow in length after shaping it, it is important to regularly trim it. Consistently trimming the edges keeps your goatee looking clean even while you continue to add length. Electric trimmers or even nose hair trimmers accomplish this task nicely.

Step 4: Keep Your Face Clean Shaven
In areas surrounding the goatee which is basically the remainder of your face, be sure to keep it clean. A goatee is typically at its best when the rest of the face is clean. Clear shaving cream can give you an advantage, as it makes the edges more visible and easy to shave around. Remember to move the razor away from the goatee, not towards it. There is nothing worse than accidentally shaving off part of your goatee at which point you'll have to restart the entire process.

Step 5: Wash Your Beard
One of the most important yet often overlooked aspects of maintaining a goatee is washing it. Regular shampoo and conditioner will prevent your goatee from getting oily and unmanageable. This also prevents against acne and unsightly food particles.

A healthy goatee can add a layer of distinction to your face however it requires diligent care. None of the steps in growing and maintaining a goatee are difficult or time consuming, however it is important to follow them closely to experience a well-shaped and illustrious goatee.

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