Avoid Using Rusty Beard Scissors

A lot of men with big beards have their own grooming products, habits, and routines. If you're one of these men, arguably your most used accessory is your trusty pair of beard scissors. Therefore, we want to talk about why avoiding rusty beard scissors is a must in avoiding ineffective and even potentially damaging beard trims. We also want to cover how to maintain your scissors, so they don't get to that point!

First, it's important to realize that most beard scissors are made of stainless-steel which helps to prevent the blades from oxidizing (or rusting). However, even stainless-steel can become rusty with lack of care and exposure to water and heat. If you weren't lucky enough to get this material of scissors, there's an even higher chance that you've experienced rusting. So regardless of the type of scissors you have, if you're starting to see that red, brown staining, then yes, it's probably the rust.

The Problem with Rust

Rust is an issue because even when it doesn't look like it, it's making the metal thicker, creating a rough surface and dulling and disfiguring your scissors. In practice, this means that the scissors won't be able to cut symmetrical and clean lines. In addition to this, the hairs that you grab with the scissors will be pulled and snagged through the spaces created by the rough surface of the rust. This can damage the hair and cause it to stick out in strange ways or can create split ends. Ultimately this means it's doing more damage than good. If your scissors get too rusty, the rust itself can also cause them to become dull and perhaps even stiff.

Can I Fix Rusted Scissors?

While there are methods for "fixing" rusty scissors, the best bet it to buy a good pair and work hard to keep them rust free. Why? Because although you can probably reverse some of the damage done depending on the severity of the rust, chances are you won't be able to completely reverse the dullness and texture issues that rust causes.

Ensuring Your Scissors Stay Rust Free

If you have scissors that aren't rusty or you're thinking about buying new scissors and want to know how to maintain them, here are some tips you can follow to keep your scissors rust free. While beard scissors are exposed to a variety or elements, it's first off, very important to make sure that they are always kept clean and dry. I know there are times you can't avoid water contact or varying temperatures, but at the end of their use if they are clean and dry and stored away properly, the chances of them rusting drops significantly. When cleaning your scissors make sure to use a soft cloth that won't leave micro scratches in the metal. Also, get in the habit of using scissor oil and oiling your scissors at least after every use, if not daily. Many scissors will have instructions regarding how frequently they should be oiled, if need be, follow this guidance. Lastly, if you have adjustable scissors, you can and should make sure your scissors aren't too tight. In scissors that are too tight the blades can grind against each other which can cause the blades to be dull and can in some scissors create scratches in the metal where rust can form easier.

Hopefully, you now feel well informed about rusty beard scissors and also about the best ways to take care of them to help keep them from rusting in the future. Remember, your beard scissors are as important to your beard arsenal as any other item, so keep them sharp, clean, and dry so that they last if possible!

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