Benefits of Using Double-Edged Safety Razors

Double-edged safety razors have been around since the beginning of the 1900s, but they’re only just now coming back into fashion after decades of playing second fiddle to electronic shaving devices. So, why have they come back in vogue after all this time? The answer, quite simply, is because they can provide you with the closest, safest and most inexpensive shave of your life.

If you’re on the fence about picking up a double-edged safety razor, allow us to try to convince you. We’re going to break down the unique benefits that this type of razor has to offer.

What is a Double-Edged Safety Razor?

A double-edged safety razor is a very popular shaving device that consists of a handle and a blade that’s sharp on both ends. The blade is replaceable, and easily inserted into the small blade compartment that’s at the base of the handle. Typically, these razors are made from high-quality materials like stainless steel so that they can last for a long time. They’re nothing like disposable razors that are made from cheap materials so that they can be thrown out and replaced. Essentially, these razors need to be long-lasting because the blade is replaceable.

How Helpful Is It?

Now, let’s dive into the many ways in which using a double-edged safety razor can take your shaving game to a whole new level.


When you use a double-edged safety razor, you’ll find that you save a good deal of money. That’s because blades are extremely inexpensive compared to the complete disposable razors that need to be replaced regularly. These razors use extremely resilient, long-lasting blades that don’t need to be replaced nearly as frequently.

Your Shave will Be Much Closer

One huge benefit of this kind of razor is its ability to provide you with a phenomenally close shave. That’s because of the extremely sharp blade that’s used. Men can get away with using such sharp blades because the razors are designed to protect your skin from getting cut. This means that finally, you can say goodbye to an uneven shave and hello to extremely smooth and soft skin. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself stroking your face all day long because of how good it feels.

There’s a Far Lower Risk of Razor Bumps and Razor Burn

Like we said, this type of razor gives you an unbelievably close shave. This means that you’re less likely to experience razor bumps, razor burn and other forms of irritation that occur after shaving. The sharper the blade, the less it’s pulling on your hair follicles and skin. It’s this friction that causes irritation in the first place. Therefore, using a double-edged safety razor will keep your skin looking and feeling great.

You’re Less Likely to Cut Yourself

Double-edged safety razors have a safety strip just below the blade, hence their name. This strip prevents that super sharp blade from digging into your skin and cutting you. Of course, whenever you use a blade, cuts are a possibility, so always be careful.

Make Sure to Use This Type of Razor

Double-edged safety razors are becoming the preferred shaving tool, and for good reason. As you can see, they can give you the closest shave of your life while preventing irritation and cuts. So, perhaps it’s time to give this timeless shaving tool a try.

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