Brushing or Combing That Really Thick Beard

If you've got very thick facial hair, we understand your struggle. A beard that's extra thick can be quite a challenge to maintain. Without the proper routine, you can end up with a beard that's frizzy, brittle and unruly.

When it comes to maintaining that thick beard, a combing or brushing routine is crucial. Many bearded men wonder if a comb or a brush is better for their exceptionally thick facial hair. The answer, as you'll see, is a bit complicated.

Proper Beard Care: Brushing vs. Combing

Thickness of Beard

How thick your facial hair is, determines which type of grooming tool you need. According to studies, thick hair falls out at a much faster rate than fine hair. This means that you need to find a grooming tool that gently detangles and smooths down your beard without aggressively tugging on each strand.

If your thick beard is prone to tangles, you may want to go with a comb instead. A comb can quickly work out knots. A brush, on the other hand, may require many more strokes before those tangles disappear.

It's suggested that you comb or brush your beard after applying a balm or oil. This way, the comb or brush distributes the moisturizing ingredients evenly throughout your beard.

How It Feels

How a brush or comb feels against your face is important. If you find that a comb irritates your skin because of the hardness of the teeth, opt for a brush. If a brush leaves your skin feeling itchy, a comb is best.

The Brush or Comb That You Use

There are many different types of combs and brushes on the market today. If you're going to settle for a brush, it's crucial that you find one that's designed for thick hair. A brush that's good for thick hair has stiffer bristles. On the other hand, if you're going to opt for a comb, select a wide-tooth style that won't pull out your facial hair.

How Often Should You Brush or Comb A Thick Beard?

If your hair is very thick, it's wise to comb or brush it once each day. However, if your thick hair gets tangled easily, twice each day may be necessary.

The Choice is Yours My Bearded Friend

At the end of the day, whether you choose to brush or comb your thick beard really depends on your personal preferences. What's most important is that you purchase a high-quality tool that can handle the needs of your ultra thick facial hair.

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