Can Beard Oil Really Expire?

This is a question most people often ask. The truth, however, is beard oil doesn’t last forever meaning it has an expiry period. Some beard oils can last up to four years while there are some which can only last for six months. It always depends on the type of beard oil that one is using as well as the method of storage. Whether beard oil will expire or not also depends on how it is kept. There are usually instructions on how to store certain types of beard oils. For example, they are not supposed to be left open for a very long time because they can easily absorb moisture and cause it to lose its effectiveness.

What’s Beard Oil?
Beard oil is a mixture of natural pressed carrier oils combined with 100% essential oils. The oil is purposefully designed to take care of facial hair and skin of those using it. There are different individual products of beard oils created for different purposes. In some cases what might work for one person might not necessarily work for the other. In such cases, it is sometimes important to consult with a doctor to determine if a certain type of beard oil will have negative effects on your skin.

At What Point Does Beard Oil Become Ineffective?
Well, there are several things that can render beard oil non-functional. The first thing is when it expires. Most beard oils are highly effective when used with a certain period as prescribed by the manufacturing company say maybe within six months or two years. After the lapse of that period, the beard oil will become less effective or ineffective at entirely. Consequently, while purchasing beard oil it is important to choose the right product as well as properly read the guidelines therein.

How to Store Beard Oil
One of the reasons why beard oil expires early or loses its effectiveness is how it is kept. Beard oil bottles should always be kept closed and stored at room temperature. Keeping beard oil directly to the sun will break it easily and reduce its lifespan. The bottle of beard oil should also be placed in an upright position to prevent any leakages in case the cap is not screwed tightly. Finally, ensure that your beard oil is kept out of reach of children.

In general, beard oil can expire but after a certain period. As mentioned earlier, there are beard oils and balms that can last up to four years while others last only for six months. Basically, there are several factors also that might cause beard oil to expire early and result in its ineffectiveness. Leaving the bottle of your beard oil open will easily expose it to direct sunlight which can affect its effectiveness. Beard oil should be kept tightly closed and at room temperature. It is also good to read the instructions and guidelines properly to know the exact expiry date and how to use it.

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