Debunking Some Bearded Myths

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about beard. These can be anything about the beard itself to assumptions about the man who has the beard. Most of the time, these myths aren't true at all and people have believed them their entire lives without even batting an eye.

Myth #1: A Beard Will Make You Look Dirty and Creepy

The first myth is that a beard will make you look dirty and creepy. While this could be true if the beard hasn't been washed or brushed in a long time, most beards look classy and clean. If the beard is washed and well-groomed, it won't look dirty or creepy.

Myth #2: Only A Barber Can Trim the Beard

The next myth is that only a barber can trim the beard. A barber can do more intricate designs but there are trimming sets that can be bought for home use. They usually come with multiple size guards, so the beard can be trimmed and taken down to the size that's wanted.

Myth #3: All Beards Are Hot and Itchy

This myth is one of the most common ones and it's that people think that all beards are hot and itchy. This can be true in the growing stages but once it gets longer, it shouldn't be either of these things. If the beard is itchy, it probably means that it's dried out and if moisturizer is being used, it should stay hydrated.

Myth #4: Shaving Will Make the Beard Come in Fuller and Thicker

Another myth that is one of the most common is that shaving a beard will make it come in fuller and thicker. This isn't true at all and the reason it seems like that is because the hairs are closer to the same length, so it looks like it's fuller and thicker.

Myth #5: Getting A Job

Many people believe that beards will keep people from getting a job. Most employer guidelines just say that their employees’ appearances must be groomed and clean. If the beard is well-maintained, many employers won't have any issues with an employee having a beard. If the employee doesn't keep it clean or well-kept, then the employer might end up asking them to cut it but other than that, it's completely possible to get a job with a full beard.

Myth #6: Beard Hair Will Grow At The Same Rate and Evenly

A lot of people also believe that the beard hair will grow at the same rate and evenly. The hair grows at different rates depending on the area where the hair is. For example, the hair on the cheeks will grow slower than the hair on the jaw. This can end up making beard have bald spots, but it won't be like that forever.

Myth #7: The Beard Should Look Full and Complete in A Matter of Weekes

Finally, the last myth that is widely believed is that a beard should look full and complete in a matter of weeks. The reality is that it won't start looking full until around 2 to 3 months. It doesn't grow overnight and it's going to take some time get the beard you've always wanted. If it isn't growing the way you want, there are some products that you can use to help it grow quicker.

As you can see, these are nothing more than myths. Many people have believed in these myths their whole life and finding out they aren't true could be quite a shock. Now that you know the truth, you can let others know that these myths are false and that there's no point in believing them!

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