Do Men's Testosterone Levels Promote Facial Hair Growth?

For many men, it seems that they just cannot grow a thick, full beard no matter how hard they try. As it turns out, your ability to grow facial hair has a lot to do with testosterone. While every man has testosterone, some simply do not have enough to guarantee a lusciously thick and fast-growing beard.

If you're worried that your inability to grow the beard of your dreams has to do with your testosterone levels, there are some things that you can do. First, however, it is important to understand the relationship between testosterone levels and hair growth.

How Does Testosterone Affect Hair Growth?

Testosterone, as we stated earlier, is the hormone that is responsible for facial hair growth. Additionally, this hormone affects a man's sex drive as well as his ability to gain muscle mass.

Testosterone is converted into Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), an androgen that boosts the production of facial hair as well as hair throughout the body. Fascinatingly, men with high DHT levels are more prone to male pattern baldness. This means that while high DHT levels aid in beard growth, they can cause you to lose the hair on your head at an early age.

Why Do Some Men Have Low Testosterone?

Typically, men start to produce less testosterone after the age of 50. However, young men can have low testosterone levels as well. This can be caused by a variety of factors.

  • Certain diseases can cause low testosterone levels. These diseases include diabetes and kidney disease.
  • There are also dietary and lifestyle factors that can contribute to a decrease in testosterone production.
  • Signs of low testosterone include fatigue, low libido, and loss of muscle mass.

Bottom line, if you suspect that you’ve low testosterone, you can ask for a hormone test from your doctor in order to detect and evaluate hormone imbalances that may be making you sick.

How to Get More Testosterone for a Thicker, Fuller, and Longer Beard

If you have low testosterone, there are some changes that you can make that may be able to bring this hormone up to a level sufficient enough to aid in beard growth. Because high cortisol levels interfere with testosterone production, you can try some stress relief techniques.

  • A diet that is high in protein and low in sugar can help boost testosterone.
  • It has been found that exercising five times each week can raise testosterone levels.

Still, if you've made these changes and your testosterone is still low, you can ask your doctor about testosterone supplements.

Keep Your Testosterone Levels in Check for a Healthy and Awesome Looking Beard!

It's definitely possible that your beard isn't looking its best because of your level of testosterone. Fortunately, there are ways to boost these levels in order to grow a thicker, healthier beard. If you're disappointed with your beard and suspect that your testosterone is low, again, talk to your doctor in order to find out what you can do.

Remember, once you get your testosterone levels back on track, continue using Texas Beard Company balms, oils, wash, and accessories to keep your beard looking as healthy and rich as possible.

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