Ingrown Facial Hair Shaving

We all know that first sign of an ingrown hair. Suddenly, as we’re shaving one morning, we notice a spot that’s unusually tender. Upon closer inspection, it looks red and swollen. And, we know that within a matter of days, that little inflamed follicle is likely going to turn into a large and unsightly bump that’s going to be painful to say the least.

Ingrown hairs are very common, and most men will experience them from time to time. Needless to say, any man who is dealing with an ingrown hair is looking for the fastest, easiest and most painless way to get rid of it. This is why it’s not unusual for a man to contemplate simply shaving it off. However, as you’ll see, that’s always a bad idea.

Basics About Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hairs are still widely misunderstood despite how common they are. Essentially, an ingrown hair is a hair follicle that has become inflamed, and, most often, infected. It is caused by a hair growing back into the follicle rather than growing straight out. There are many things that can cause this to happen, such as shaving with a dull blade and failing to exfoliate away dead skin cells that can clog up the opening through which the hair is supposed to grow out.

Ingrown hairs do sometimes go away on their own, but, most often, some type of treatment is necessary. Ingrown hairs can, if left untreated, become extremely infected, causing an abscess to develop on the skin. However, most methods of getting rid of an ingrown hair can be performed in the comfort of your own home, not requiring any real medical treatment.

Why Trying to Shave Off an Ingrown Hair is Never a Good Idea

You may think that because an ingrown hair is a hair that simple grew back into its own follicle, you can simply shave it off like you would any other hair. The problem is that once that ingrown hair has grown inward, it’s basically impossible for your razor to make contact with it, especially because of the swelling that has happened around it.

In fact, trying to shave an ingrown hair can make problems worse. For one thing, the skin surrounding it is so inflamed that running a blade over it can cause further pain and irritation. Additionally, the action of running a blade over it can further push the hair into the follicle.

Alternative Treatment Methods

If you’re dealing with an ingrown hair, we recommend applying a hot compress to it for twenty minutes several times each day. This should open up the follicle so that the hair naturally loosens from its inward position. You can also try applying a hydrocolloid bandage to the area. These bandages safely bring down inflammation so that the hair can have more room to loosen itself.

Ingrown Hairs Are, to Put It Plainly, a Huge Pain

While shaving an ingrown hair off might seem like a logical method for getting rid of it, it can actually make matters much worse. This is why we recommend going with one of the alternative methods above. Your face will thank you.

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