Keep That Beard Steady as You Go!

Have you been trying to grow out a full and glorious beard only to find that things look a bit, well, uneven? It’s not unusual for beards to grow in unevenly, but for some men, the look can be rather jarring. If your beard just doesn’t seem to grow in at an even pace, there are some things that you can do.

Reasons for Unevenness

We will be walking you through the reasons why this happens in the first place before helping you treat the issue for a fuller, healthier-looking beard.

Reason #1: Impatience

The first thing to consider when trying to diagnose an uneven beard is whether or not you’re just not being patient enough to let it grow to its full potential. On average, it takes two to three months before a beard is full. We understand that you’re eager to see that luscious beard, but you have to give it time before you start worrying about an uneven appearance. Why? Because almost all beards will look uneven while they’re first growing in.

Reason #2: Lack of Routine

If you’re not following a strict beard care routine, the fullness of your facial hair will suffer. How your beard grows is largely dependent on the products that you put on your skin and facial hair. If your skin is dry and irritated in certain areas, for instance, it’s less likely that facial hair will grow in as thickly in those areas.

Reason #3: Genetics

Sadly, some men are genetically prone to having patchy and uneven beards. However, there are some dermatological treatments that may be able to help stimulate even hair growth in order to remedy the situation.

Reason #4: Health

Your inner health can absolutely dictate the fullness and evenness of your beard. If you’re not eating enough protein, for instance, your body may not be producing enough testosterone, and testosterone is necessary for even beard growth. Similarly, if you’re lacking in certain vitamins, your beard will not be as healthy as it can be. Also, stress can be a factor that many men don’t realize until sometimes it’s too late.

How to Even Out Your Beard

Step #1: Improve Your Health

First, you have to make sure that your health is in order. Like we mentioned, poor health can lead to a sad-looking beard. Make sure that you’re eating a balanced diet, that you’re getting enough exercise and that you’re not allowing yourself to get chronically stressed.

Step #2: Give it Time

Again, patience is key when growing out a beard. Before you throw in the towel, wait it out for a couple more months. If it’s been over six months and your beard is still uneven, start considering other factors that may be causing the growth problems.

Step #3: Use High-Quality Products

Never use cheap, low-quality beard care products. Harsh ingredients found in many commercial beard care products, such as sulfates and synthetic fragrances, can damage the skin beneath your beard to the point that hair won’t grow in certain areas. Stick to high-quality, plant-based products instead as these contain nutrients that can actually improve hair growth.

The Importance of Sticking to a Daily Beard Care Routine for an Even Look

If you want an even beard, having a daily beard care routine is essential. Like we said, natural products are a must, as is consistency. Once each day, you should wash and moisturize your beard in order to keep the skin and follicles healthy. And, once each week, you should exfoliate as this stimulates hair growth while getting rid of dead skin that can clog the follicles and impede your beard’s ability to grow evenly.

Also, we suggest combing or brushing once each day. This will generally boost the health of your beard while helping you push facial hairs in certain directions to give the illusion of more fullness. Plus, a thickening beard balm can enhance the appearance of fullness.

Final Bearded Thoughts

While unevenness is not uncommon, it’s still quite frustrating, especially if you’ve been trying to grow out your beard for a while. The good news is that these tips will help even things out in no time. Before long, you will have a lusciously full and perfectly healthy beard that you can most certainly be proud to show off.

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