No Food in That Beard!

Keeping a beard is a manly tradition that goes back to the beginning of time, it seems. But for all the men who hate getting little particles of food or drops of beverages in their beards, fear not there is a solution. To keep those beards clean and looking good, get tips from those who have been there and learned from experience. With these simple and easy guidelines, you will always have a clean sported beard.

Tip #1: Slow Down
Even though sometimes you have that drink you want to knock back quick, whether it be your favorite brew with the guys during a drinking game or a simple cup of coffee you must guzzle down quickly before you leave for work, take your time and drink it slowly. Grab a to-go mug for your coffee, take time to enjoy the beer, and you will notice you get less of a mess in your beard.

Tip #2: Look at What’s Going on Around You
If you have a beard that goes down to your chest or it resembles a medieval movie actor’s beard, then you want to be wary of certain foods and drinks that go near your face. If you’re eating dinner and you aren’t careful, you may end up dipping your beard into something, and you don’t want food particles of hanging from it. In this circumstance, a good idea would be to mindful of what’s around you.

Tip #3: Eating Utensils Are a Wonderful Thing
The best way a man with a beard can be careful not to get those pesky food and beverage particles is your typical fork, spoon and knife. These so simple yet extremely useful eating instruments are not high tech, nor are they costly. If you don’t shovel a huge glob of food into your mouth they can prove to be the cleanest and most efficient way to eat without messing up the mountain man look.

How to Get Food Out of Your Beard
Although a lot of men sport a beard and worry about getting them messed up, there are other men that have worn a beard most of their lives and have had no problem keeping their beard clean and maintained. There are a couple of guidelines that they use to do that.

Tip #1: Combing
Every man’s beard doesn’t grow the same way. The best way to comb your beard is to feel in which direction it grows. A brush comb can be your best friend in this circumstance, just start from the root and brush downwards then side to side. This is a good idea to get those hidden pieces out and makes your beard nicely groomed.

Tip #2: Washing
Yes, washing your beard is a necessity for keeping it clean and fresh but too much can damage it. Unless you are in a dirty place of business or you’re outside and sweat builds up in those hairs, there is no need to wash it more than 2-3 times a week. Washing it every day will do more harm than good. In dirty circumstances, do a quick rinse and brush. If you want to luxuriate or pamper your beard, you may purchase products such as beard oil, waxes, etc. at a local store or online.

For all those men out there who love their beards, there are ways to keep them fresh, clean and maintained. Follow these guidelines or you may discover other methods on your own and you will be well on your way to a clean healthy beard free of food particles.

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