Quick Bearded Refresher – Texas Beard Company Beard Oil: A Little Goes a Long Way

Did you know that using the right beard oil can transform your facial hair from dull, frizzy and unmanageable to luxuriously soft, tame, and healthy? Texas Beard Company Beard Oils are formulated with some awesome ingredients that will leave your beard looking and feeling better than ever. The best part about our famous beard oil is that it’s so packed with moisturizing and nourishing ingredients that you don’t need to use a whole lot in order to get the results that you desire. When it comes to the Texas Beard Company Beard Oil, a little indeed goes a long way.

Do You Need to Use a Lot of Texas Beard Company Beard Oil? Probably Not

Many men ask us how much beard oil they should use on a daily basis in order to keep their beard healthy and soft. The answer depends on several factors, as you’ll see. However, in most cases, just a full dropper’s worth or less is all that’s required in order to dramatically improve the condition of your beard.

The Length of Your Beard

The length of your beard has a lot to do with how much beard oil you should use. Obviously, the longer your beard, the more oil you’ll need. We suggest a full dropper’s worth for beards that are at least an inch below the chin. Beards that are very short can often benefit from just a few small drops of beard oil.

The Thickness of Your Beard

The thickness of your beard also plays a role in determining the proper amount of beard oil to use on a daily basis. Thicker facial hair requires more product, because there’s more hair that needs to be treated with beard oil.

Curly vs. Straight

Curly facial hair needs more beard oil than straight beard oil, because curls are naturally prone to dryness.

How Dry Your Beard Is

The thing about facial hair is that it’s naturally prone to dryness, mainly because of the fact that it’s naturally coarser than the hair that’s on our head, and coarse hair has a harder time absorbing and retaining moisture than hair that is fine. However, some men’s beards are more prone to dryness than others. The amount of product that you should use per application has a lot to do with how naturally dry your beard is. You should apply enough beard oil each day for your beard to be noticeably soft and tame, but not greasy and weighed down by product.

The Time of Year

Yes, the time of year impacts your overall beard health. How? Well, during the summer months, humidity levels are consistently high. Humidity supplies your beard with a decent amount of moisture. However, in the late cold months of fall and especially into the winter season, the air becomes very dry. So, this dryness can strip moisture away from your facial hair. Therefore, most men realize that they need to apply twice as much beard oil in the winter as they do in the summer.

Bottom Line: Save On Beard Oil by Using the Right Amount Daily

At Texas Beard Company, we’ve mastered our beard oil formula to maximize the overall health of your beard with just a small amount at a time. For most men, just a few drops are all that’s needed for a true facial hair transformation. All of our amazing beard oils are loaded with nourishing ingredients that facial hair needs in order to be soft and free of frizz.

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