Scented or Unscented Beard Care Products: That’s the Next Bearded Question

When a man finally decides that he’s ready to grow out a beard, there are several decisions that he must make. He must figure out the length he wishes to grow his beard to, the types of products he’d like to use and how much money he’s willing to spend in order to maintain his facial hair. Another decision that must be made is whether or not to use scented beard care products. Most beard care products on the market contain fragrances, but there are unscented options out there as well.

So, should you be wearing a scented beard care product or one that has no fragrance? At the end of the day, it’s up to you. But, if you need some help making your decision, we’ve broken down the pros and cons to each so that you can decide which one is right for you.

Two Types of Fragrances

Before we get into the reasons why you may choose to go with unscented or scented beard care products, let’s briefly explain the two different types of fragrances that are used to make beard care products smell a certain way.

  • Synthetic: Synthetic fragrances are fragrances that are derived from artificial sources. These types of fragrances tend to be stronger, but they are also more likely to irritate you due to how strong they are. Also, many men are sensitive to synthetic fragrances as they can be quite harsh on the skin and facial hair, putting a man at risk of developing irritation.

  • Natural: Natural fragrances, meanwhile, are derived from plant-based ingredients such as essential oils and botanical extracts. These are widely considered superior because our skin and facial hair seem to tolerate them much better, and they are less likely to irritate our sinuses because they’re rarely overpowering. Additionally, plant-derived fragrances tend to benefit our skin and hair because they’re often loaded with nutrients and healing properties that come from the plant compounds.

A Scented Beard Care Product is Right for You if…

You Don’t Wear Any Other Fragrance

Now, if you don’t wear any other fragranced products, such as cologne, hair conditioner or lotion, a scented beard care product is probably a good choice as this can act as your signature scent. After all, the way that you smell has a lot to do with the impression that you make on people, so wearing a high-quality fragrance often works in a man’s favor.

Your Face Sweats

If the skin beneath your beard tends to sweat, wearing a scented beard product can serve you well. Beard sweat can produce an odor due to the bacteria that accumulates. A scented beard care product can help mask that odor.

An Unscented Beard Care Product is Right for You if…

You Wear Other Fragrances

If you wear other fragrances already, you may want to skip the scent when choosing a beard care product. Too many fragrances at once can be overpowering, and certain scents clash with each other.

You’re Sensitive to Fragrances

Some men are generally sensitive to fragrances. Some men have skin reactions to anything that’s scented, while others may find that their airways become irritated from breathing in fragrances. If you react badly to fragrances, unscented is without a doubt the way to go.

Choice Is Yours!

Whether you go with a scented or unscented beard care product is completely up to you as neither is objectively better than the other. Use this guide to figure out if you should be rocking a fragrance or not. And, remember that if you do go with scented products, natural fragrances are always superior.

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