Strong vs. Subtle Beard Balm Smells

Most men, by now, have discovered that a beard balm is a crucial part of their beard care routine. A beard balm kills a lot of birds with one stone. For one thing, it moisturizes the beard, supplying lots of hydration so that it can remain healthy rather than damaged. Additionally, a beard balm does a lot in terms of styling. It can add texture to straight, limp beards, it can add thickness to thin beards and it can help a man style it in a way that helps him express his unique personality through his facial hair.

There’s something else that a beard balm can provide, and it is fragrance. Most beard balms are scented, allowing a man’s beard to smell absolutely amazing all day long. However, not all fragrances are created equally.

Today, we’ll be talking about the differences between beard balms with subtle scents and beard balms with strong scents. This will help you decide which one is right for you the next time you stock up on beard grooming products.

Two Types of Fragrances

Ultimately, there are two types of fragrances, and the more experience you have with scented beard products, the better you will be at identifying them.


Synthetic fragrances, as the name implies, are synthetically derived using artificial sources. These fragrances are scientifically conceived to replicate the aromas of plants and other unique scents found in nature. Synthetic fragrances are often derived from petroleum, and men have to be careful applying them to their skin and beard because they can be quite irritating. Also, they’re known to be stronger than natural fragrances, but they typically don’t last as long.


Natural fragrances, meanwhile, come from natural, plant-based sources. Most often, essential oils are used to naturally scent a product. Essential oils are less likely to be irritating, and they contain nutrients that can actually benefit your face and your beard. Also, while they may not be as strong, they do last longer. As an added bonus, natural fragrances are less likely to be offensively strong like many synthetic fragrances are.

Fragrance Strength Has a Lot to Do with the Formula

How strongly scented a beard balm is has to do with the formula of the product as well. Obviously, some companies add a higher quantity of fragrance to their products than others. Also, certain ingredients can naturally subdue fragrances due to chemical interactions that take place on a molecular level.

Why You Might Want a Strongly Fragranced Beard Balm

A strongly fragranced beard balm might be preferable if you don’t wear any other scented products. For instance, maybe you don’t wear cologne, and your beard oil is unscented. Then, it might make sense to use a beard balm that has a more powerful smell.

Why You Might Want a Subtly Fragranced Beard Balm

Most men prefer a beard balm that has a more subtle fragrance, simply because it’s less likely to conflict with other fragrances that they are wearing. Today’s man tends to use a lot of different scented products, and if each product had a strong smell, they would clash with each other. Think about it – between cologne, beard oil, shampoo, conditioner and body wash, a man applies a lot of different scents to himself on a daily basis. A subtle beard balm scent is less likely to clash with other fragrances that a man is wearing.

Texas Beard Company Beard Balms

At Texas Beard Company, we put a lot of effort into making sure that our beard balms smell amazing without being overpowering. We use essential oils that aren’t overwhelming to the nose, and our fragrances are specially formulated to complement other naturally derived scents.

The Power of the Beard Balm

Besides moisturizing and styling one’s facial hair, beard balms can ensure that you smell fantastic all day long. Finding the right scent is crucial if you’re going to be applying beard balm each day, and part of finding the right scent is choosing whether you wish for the fragrance to be strong or subtle. As you can see, there’s no type of scent that’s objectively better than the other. It’s all about finding the one that works for your needs.

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