Tattooed and Bearded Up

Since tattoos first became common, the look of ink and a bearded face have seemed to go hand in hand. There's something about the edginess of tattoos and the lack of a clean-shaven face that's simply irresistible.

If you're sporting some ink and you're wondering what type of beard would look best on you, this guide should help. We've made a list of the most popular beards for tattooed men. Of course, how you grow your beard is ultimately dependent on the unique look that you're trying to achieve.

However, this guide will give you some great inspiration while you start to grow out your facial hair.

Short Stubble

The look of short stubble is an excellent choice for any man who has tattoos. This style of facial hair gives off the appearance of a man who isn't trying too hard to fit in with the status quo. Plus, short stubble is relatively easy to achieve. All that you have to do is keep it evenly trimmed. Short stubble complements a variety of tattoo styles. It seems to work whether you're literally covered in tattoos or have just a couple.

Long Stubble

Long stubble is another style that seems to be universally flattering. Especially if you're going for an edgy look, long stubble is the perfect way to tell the world that you're not influenced by societal standards of appearance. Long stubble complements a variety of face shapes as well as tattoo styles.

The Royale Beard

A full mustache with a thick chin strap is known as the royale beard. This look is perfect for the man who has an artistic side. It has a masculine yet sensitive appearance that complements tattoos that are slightly unconventional and even romantic. The royale beard requires some maintenance. It's important to stay on top of shaving the sides in order to let this look really shine.

The Natural Beard

Letting your beard grow naturally without trying to shape it is becoming more and more popular. Needless to say, this is one of the easiest styles to maintain. For many men, the messier, the better. A natural beard will give you an incredibly masculine appearance that works well with masculine tattoos.

The Bandholz Beard

The Bandholz beard is a bit of a throwback to retro styles. If your tattoos are inspired by vintage imagery, this beard style can absolutely complete the look that you're trying to achieve. While the Bandholz beard requires a good amount of maintenance, many men find that it's worth it. This unique style has a lot of personality and complements a wide range of face shapes. If you're worried about your ability to shape and style this beard properly, find a good barber in town who can do the work for you.

Any Beard Style Will Work with Your Ink

Any of these beards will seriously complement your tattoos. Whether you've got full sleeves of ink or a single tattoo, there's a facial hair style that will take your look to the next level.

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