The Economic Side of Having a Beard

Most men probably do not think about their beards in economic terms. However, they should see them in this light. Why? Having a beard is a great economic benefit because it helps guys to save money. How is that possible? Keep reading to find out why.

Beards Save Men Money on Shaving Products
Consumer marketing firms have conducted surveys which reveal that nearly 75% of all men shave their face every day of the year. The average cost for a pack of razors is about $8. In some parts of the country this expense can be higher or lower. The average razor pack contains between 4 – 6 disposable razors. Most disposable razor packs last for about week with frequent shaving. As a result, most men will spend about $25 a month on razors to shave their face.

When $25 is multiplied by 12 months (within a year) that total comes out to $300 a year on shaving. This figure doesn’t include other facial grooming products such as shaving cream, aftershave and other accessories. Some men spend thousands of dollars each year trying to maintain a smooth and clean face.

Honestly, some guys must keep a clean-shaven face as a part of their job. If they work in occupations such as a newsroom, public relations or on some type of board, then they might be required to keep up appearances. So, for these guys, having a clean-shaven face is a must. Just keep in mind that many men can get away with wearing a beard on their job. If they can do this, then they should. Having facial hair does save money and it helps to keep more money in a man’s pocket.

Facial Hair and Dating Expenses
Here is another way that facial hair can help to save guys money. When it comes to the dating scene, guys with beards usually have more options with dates. While this is not always true, there is a lot of truth in this statement.

In many different surveys, females clearly stated that they prefer hairy face guys over clean-shaven dudes. Once again, this is not true in all cases. The fact remains that women find guys with some type of facial hair more attractive than guys who don’t have it at all. Females find beards to be masculine, stimulating and sexy.

Guys with beards who exhibit these qualities will usually draw in more females. This in turn will help their dating life. So, how can this factor benefit them economically? Well, when a guy is super attractive or desirable by a woman, she will be more willing to pay for his time. This means he will spend less money on dates and trying to find a special lady to hook up with.

Think about the amount of money that a man must dish out if he regularly dates a woman. He could easily spend between $5000 to $12,000 a year on this activity. While you might not think that this is possible, you should think about how much money it costs to impress a female.

Taking her out to fancy restaurants where the dinner adds up to at least $200 is just the start. Factor in other activities such as movies, dancing or taking a trip to a local attraction and you start to see how things are starting to get expensive. So, the fact is that a man who grows a beard can cut back on some of these costs because he will be more in demand with females. Many of them would even pay to take him out which will save him money over the long run.

Dating Sites and Facial Hair: What’s the Economic Connection?
How can having a beard save a guy money on a dating site? Let’s find out the answer to this question as well. It was just revealed in the section above that men with beards are more attractive to females. Since this is usually the case, guys with beards who sign up on dating sites will usually find a mate a lot quicker than a fella without any facial hair. This means that a guy will have to pay less fees and not spend extra money trying to impress a female. In short, having a beard is another great economic benefit for having a beard.

Confidence and Beards
People with beards tend to be more confident. When a guy has a beard, he is perceived with more authority, intelligence and as a tough individual. Having these qualities will help him to get more things out of life from people. A beard could help a man to get a raise, to get a better job and even to get a nice vehicle. Once again, a clean-shaven dude often ends up with these things as well. However, having a beard will up a person’s persona with the public.

Beards for Selling Products and for Being Persuasive
Depending on the product or service that a man is trying to market, having a beard can help them to be more effective sellers. Guys with beards are great for selling rugged manly items such as chainsaws, hunting equipment and pickup trucks. These items are usually what people often associate with rugged and manly males.

When it comes to services; guys with beards are typically hired for construction jobs, security positions and for sports related positions. Guys with beards who advocate for social change are often seen as more effective communicators. If they are trying to persuade people about the value of sports, self-defense or some type of rugged career – then they will be more effective in their efforts. These qualities will help a man to make more money representing and/or endorsing a product.

Ultimately, guys with beards will save more money because they will usually have more support from the public and from women in general. They will not have to spend as much money on grooming products and their dating life will be significantly cheaper since they are not out chasing women as much. Now that you found out about the economic importance of beards, you should grow yours out and live the dream.

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