The Perfect Travel Bundle: Beard Bundle

A lot of guys find that they have to make sacrifices in terms of their beard care routine when they travel. After all, it’s hard to pack all of those different products and tools into one’s luggage. But, at the Texas Beard Company, we know that our customers want to be able to maintain the same precise routine when they’re away as they do when they’re in the comfort of their own home. That’s why we’ve created the perfect travel bundle: The Beard Bundle from Texas Beard Company.

The Beard Bundle will ensure that you have everything that you could possibly need to maintain that daily beard regimen no matter where you are. Whether you’re staying at a high-end hotel or enjoying a week of disconnection in the woods, this bundle will be right there by your side, guaranteeing that your facial hair won’t suffer the consequences of being far away from home.

What is the Beard Bundle?

The Beard Bundle from Texas Beard Company consists of a variety of daily beard care products that all fit securely in a travel-friendly bag. The bag itself is made from high-quality waxed canvas material, and features a padded interior that keeps your products safe while you’re on the road. In fact, it’s inspired by the classic Dopp bag style, and it’s both stylish and functional. The bag is large enough to fit everything that you could possibly need to maintain a daily beard care routine, yet it’s small enough to accompany you whether you’re going on a plane or going on a camping retreat. This bag can also be used for other purposes when you don’t need to carry around your beard products.

Of course, it’s what’s inside the bag that counts, and this is where things get interesting. We leave the choice up to you, because we know better than anyone that each man has his own unique routine that consists of specific products and particular grooming tools. So, as you order the Beard Bundle, you’ll see that we’ve made it easy for you to choose from our catalog of products. Best of all, each product that you add to your personalized Beard Bundle is available at an incredible discount. Sounds pretty nice, doesn’t it?

The Beard Bundle allows you to choose one of our 1oz beard oils and one of our 2oz beard balms, as these two products are staples of any man’s routine. In addition, you can include the combs, brushes and trimming scissors of your choice, as we have many in our catalog. Our bag was designed to fit the maximum number of products, so you don’t have to worry about overdoing it.

Because of the fact that this Beard Bundle allows you to enjoy serious savings, you may find that you want to invest in one even if you don’t have any travel plans in the near future. Besides the fact that it saves you money, it really comes in handy. You never know when you’ll have to do a quick overnight stay, or when you’ll be out for the day and will need to have your beard care products with you.

A Traveling Bearded Man’s Best Option!

If you’re the type of guy who likes to travel, your beard shouldn’t have to suffer because of it. That’s why we at Texas Beard Company created our Beard Bundle. This travel-friendly bundle provides you with everything that is required to maintain an excellent daily routine while you’re away from home, and it all comes in a beautiful, resilient canvas bag that’s easy to carry around.

Beard Oil 4-pack
Price: $47.99
Glorious Beard Shirt
Price: $12.00
Beard Oil 4-pack 3oz
Price: $89.97

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