The Right Beard Assessment

Even though beard styles are what a man prefers, the following are some thoughts and questions you may have in making the decision to grow one:

1. What will my family and others think?
2. Will it be acceptable to my employer?
3. What color will it be; will it have some grey?
4. How long do I want it to grow; will it be curly or straight?
5. Will it suit my face and look?
6. Will it fit in with my style?

The next question to ask would be, “What shape and style of beard should I grow?” The following are various styles of beards you can choose:

1. Goatee – helps emphasize a strong, pronounced chin. This type takes some time, because you need to make both sides even, trim the bottom, and you don’t want to see your chin underneath your beard. Also, if your face is round, you don’t want the bottom too short. If you want a mustache with it, you would need some grooming scissors to trim along your upper lip, so hair doesn’t hang into your mouth. Both the goatee and goatee with the mustache may be better in corporate employment.

2. Rugged Beard - good if your beard grows in thick, not patchy. This beard grows across your cheeks, so may not look as good on a fuller face. Caring for this type is easier than a goatee, because only the neckline and upper cheeks need trimmed, occasionally, with a razor or trimmer and stray hairs within the beard removed. This rugged look may be best suited for a construction job or college student that likes to go back-packing.

3. Five O’clock Shadow – is the easiest to maintain. Depending on the color of your beard, for lighter colors, trim with clippers with a one or two-inch guard every two or three days; for darker beards, use a clipper without the guard every other day. This style is good for working in an office, because it is a more acceptable clean-cut look and gives you a chance to see if you like it and maybe grow something longer in the future. This is a popular and good look for younger men

4. Long with Some Shape – may take six months to grow before shaping the way you like it. For maintenance, use a comb and some grooming scissors to trim your mustache and shape the sides of your beard, then cut a little off straight across the bottom. In between, take a razor to remove any stray hairs within your beard and lightly texture to give it a neater appearance. This is a good look for riding your motorcycle or any outside job. Some corporate offices may also approve because it is a neat beard, even though it is long.

5. Bushy Beard – is like the long beard, except doesn’t need as much care, because you don’t need to trim your mustache as often, can grow it longer, and can use wax for your mustache and beard oil to keep your beard from being frizzy and dry. This beard is a good look for a true outdoorsman or a “chopping down trees” job.

Now that you've made your decision to grow a beard, think about the answers to your questions, the look you want, the structure of your face and the job you must decide the style of beard you would like. The choice is yours!

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