Top 3 Thanksgiving Beard Balms from Texas Beard Company

If Thanksgiving is your favorite holiday, you're in good company. We at Texas Beard Company spend the entire month of November eagerly anticipating all the happiness that Thanksgiving brings. In fact, we love this holiday so much that we've made a list of the top three beard balms to use on this beloved day. Each boasts a fragrance that's perfect for Thanksgiving festivities.

#3. Clove Citrus Beard Balm

The blend of spicy cloves and zesty citrus fruits reminds us of the delicious baked goods that we indulge in after a big Thanksgiving dinner. This invigorating scent will get you ready for the luxurious aromas of winter. This wax-free beard balm contains ingredients like cocoa butter and coconut oil. These ingredients hydrate each beard strand and eliminate frizz, leaving your beard looking smooth and soft.

#2. Big Thicket Beard Balm

This one boasts a Christmas-inspired fragrance that's perfect for Thanksgiving. One whiff of this intoxicating aroma will have you feeling excited about the month ahead. Cedarwood oil reminds you of burning logs while pine needles make you feel like you're eagerly sitting in front of the Christmas tree. Besides smelling wonderful, this beard balm gives your facial hair a boost of hydration thanks to a blend of coconut oil, cocoa butter and shea butter. Because this beard balm has no wax, it won't weigh your beard down or leave your facial hair feeling sticky.

#1. Pumpkin Spice Beard Balm

Just in time for Thanksgiving, we've created a beard balm that perfectly captures the aromas that we associate with this celebrated holiday. In fact, it smells so good that you'll want to eat it straight out of the jar. Earthy, sweet pumpkin and warm spices join forces to get you into the spirit of Thanksgiving. Because this beard balm has a wax-free formula, it's extremely easy to apply. Plus, it's got plant-based ingredients that are renowned for their moisturizing properties, guaranteeing a beard that's as soft and healthy as can be.

Show Some Bearded Thankfulness

These three beard balms are perfect for this upcoming Thanksgiving. Your beard will look great and smell amazing. Whether you're into warm spices, sweet desserts or woodsy scents, we've got it all at Texas Beard Company.

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