Top 5 Walking Dead Bearded Characters

The Walking Dead is an amazing show everyone and their brothers, sisters, and cousins have been binge-watching since it began in 2010. The Walking Dead is a post-apocalypse zombie-themed show about people trying to survive in these horrible terrifying circumstances. With many plot twists and turns, there is always something new happening in The Walking Dead.

So, who are the top 5 Walking Dead Bearded Characters?

Rick Grimes
The main character and the most watched person in The Walking Dead. We all remember him waking up in the hospital in the very first episode. We were all in expense on what was going to happen next. He has a great beard that gives his character the look that says in the man. Given that he is normally calm, cool and collected his beard gives him that look that he will fight back if the situation shall arise.

Daryl Dixon
What’s not to say about Daryl Dixon? He is a bad ass with a crossbow and he's not afraid to use it. He has a great beard that fits his image. He does, however, have a soft side as well. When you watch Season 1 and 2, you really get into who Daryl Dixon really is and where he came from. If anything, he is willing to fight for what he believes in and his beard expresses that in full.

Hershel Greene
Sometimes you just want a wonderful beard like Hershel Green. He is in his 70s and can rock his white beard like no one else. He is another main character that means a lot in The Walking Dead because in Season 1 he is the one with a sanctuary that everyone goes to. This is the same place Rick Grimes find his wife and son after a long confusing search.

Axel is an ex-prisoner who did survive the apocalypse until shot by the governor. He has a few different appearances, not only with a beard but an interesting handlebar mustache. No matter the look he has a hard exterior that doesn't hold true against his fellow man. Axel is compassionate and loyal to his friends and di show that he is before his demise in Season 3.

Although his appearance on The Walking dead is short-lived, he had a beard worth mentioning. Another full white beard that reflects the person wearing it. This is a great look for him given his personality. He was an old compassionate man who cared about more people then himself. His RV and the land around it are the places in which everyone found a place to be for a little while to escape the horrible fate of the outside world. He carries his beard with pride and honor and he should have made it in more seasons of The Walking Dead.

Those are the best 5 beards in The Walking Dead but, what are the others that didn't make the top 5-list?

Father Gabriel had an interesting beard while in The Walking Dead. No one likes him, and his beard is just sad and weak. He does get props though, to maintain that beard and mustache while in an apocalypse is very impressive. You try to trim up your facial hair with a zombie knocking in your window or door. That doesn't sound like an easy task to do at all.

Morgan is a fighter and his beard gives him an edge and the sense that he can take you on if you want to throw down. He does, in fact, have a decent beard but sadly not a top 5 one. He is very calm on the outside bit will destroy anyone who gets in his way. It doesn't matter if you are human or zombie, he will fight you to the finish.

This Guy? You know the guy that has a huge beard and looks like he crawled right out of a garbage can. He also was eaten shortly after his appearance. Well, this guy could have made it in the top 5 if he lasted longer against the zombies. The other reason he didn't make it is because it was a scraggly scruffy beard with dirt and who knows what else in it. Sorry, This Guy, your beard is amazing, you are just not a top 5 kind of beard. You do however get number 1 for looking most like someone would in the post-apocalypse. For this, you portray what it would look like for someone to be hungry, tired and worn down and You looked and acted the part perfectly. Good job This Guy sorry you got eaten.

Tyreese thought of as the tough guy on the block at first. He may look the part, but he doesn't really play the part. He has an amazing beard that reflects his inner sensitivity to the T. He is a good person with many skills that shine in the post-apocalypse world known as The Walking Dead. He even took on a girl to be a father figure to on his journey. He is a well-rounded fighter and can protect himself wonderfully. But, don't let that fool you he is also a good man at heart with a great beard.

Well like a good beard and a good story, The Walking Dead has both of those things and more to enjoy. If you are looking for a new binge-worthy show this is one should be at the top of your list. There are so many twists and so many turns and unsuspecting plot twists its perfect for anyone who watches TV. What else is there to say besides give it a try everyone is doing it. Well, if you want there's no need to pressure you into something that you should have been watching since day one.

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