What Your Beard Says About the Car You Drive

What do beards and cars have in common? Well, both of them tend to reflect our personality, showing the world what kind of person we are, or even how we wish to be perceived. It is no surprise then, that the type of beard a man grows can give us a clue as to what kind of car he drives.

So, does your facial hair style indicate your vehicle of choice? Find out below.

Short, Trimmed, and Intricately Shaped

If you’re the type of guy who keeps his beard short and rocks some sort of intricate design achieved by meticulous shaping, we bet you like living on the edge. After all, such a unique beard style means that you’re bold and relatively fearless. Therefore, we bet that you like fast racecars that help you feel like you’re living life to the max at all times. And, like intricate beard designs, racecars help you show off your courageous side, and who doesn’t want that?

Long, Burly, and Slightly Messy

Long, burly and kind of unkempt beards make us think of lumberjacks, and so it’s no surprise that most of us associate this type of beard style with a pickup truck. If you’re rocking a super long and thick beard, you probably have a serious outdoorsy streak, and like working with your hands. After all, traditionally, long beards were associated with the need to keep your face warm as you spent hours outdoors in the cold weather. If you’ve got a pickup truck and a long beard, we bet that you spend a lot of time outside no matter what the weather is like.

Short, Neat, and Full

Guys who wear impeccably neat and tidy beards that are short and beautifully shaped tend to gravitate toward cutting-edge luxury cars that are technologically innovative and highly efficient. We’re seeing more guys with this beard style going for electric cars that are both technologically and visually impressive. Short and neat beards indicate a desire to be taken seriously and to be seen as having refined tastes. So, if this is the image that you’re trying to convey, it’s not surprising that you want your car to reflect an image of appreciating the finer things in life.

Medium-Length, Scholarly, and Moisturized

Do you like to rock the professor look with a medium-length beard that’s super healthy and neatly trimmed? This look takes us back to decades long ago when men wore tweed coats and smoked pipes. If this is the beard style that you wear, we wouldn’t be surprised if you’re into cars that have a reputation for being reliable and long-lasting. Having an appreciation for the past means that you feel more secure opting for trusted manufacturers that have built their reputations on being consistent over the years.

Permanent Stubble

Are you always wearing some stubble? This look is a great middle-ground between having a clean-shaven face and having a beard. If you’re a guy who wears stubble regularly, we suspect that you like to play it safe when it comes to cars, going for what’s going to get you from point A to point B with as little trouble as possible.

Let Your Beard Be in the Driver’s Seat

As you can see, there is a strong link between the type of car you drive and the way in which you grow and style your beard. And, that’s nothing to be embarrassed about – both our beards and cars let us express our unique personalities and help us create an image for ourselves. Best of all, we can always change both of them when we are ready to transform our image, or simply kick it into overdrive.

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