Will Gray Beards Start Fully Coming Back in Style in 2022?

As we age, our facial hair begins to go gray. This is just a scientific fact. With each passing year, our hair produces less and less pigmentation, which means that over time, our hair goes from its original color to gray, and eventually to white.

For decades, men have been at war with nature, desperately trying to conceal their grays by any means possible. Now, however, things have changed. To the delight of aging men everywhere, that gray look is beginning to become the epitome of style. This means that men no longer have to take the time to pluck out those grays and dye their beards. Instead, they can simply sit back and allow nature to run its course while looking great in the meantime.

So, why are gray beards becoming a thing? And, what can you do to make sure that you really rock that gray beard of yours? We’ll be answering those questions and more.

Gray Beards: More Popular Than Ever Before

Yes, gray beards have made a comeback. In fact, they may be more stylish than they ever have been in the past. Once upon a time, gray beards were an inevitability of aging, and dyeing techniques were not advanced enough to cover those grays up. So, men simply made due. Now, however, men have a variety of options when it comes to covering up those grays. Yet, many men are choosing not to, simply because they find that a gray beard actually looks good on them.

It’s not a coincidence that leading Hollywood actors and musical legends are showing off their gray beards just as the trend is picking up. Many men take their style cues from male celebrities, especially those who are known for their sex appeal. With legendary actors like Leonardo DiCaprio, George Clooney, and Brad Pitt letting those grays show, many men are getting the signal that it’s not just okay to rock a gray beard, but it actually enhances one’s overall physical appearance.

The Beard Trend That Just Won’t Go Away

Of course, for gray beards to be in style, beards need to be in style. And, as you may have noticed, beards are continuing to be enormously popular. Up until a decade ago, beards were rarely seen on men. Now, an impressive number of men are proudly allowing that facial hair to grow, and they’re rocking unique beard styles that match their individual personalities.

Letting Those Grays Show

As we said earlier, men can’t prevent their hair from turning gray. All that they can do is put effort into hiding the fact that their hair has turned gray in the first place. However, it’s now become common for men over the age of 40 to allow those grays to shine, whereas just a couple of decades ago, it was unheard of. Even men in their 30s are embracing the gray look as it adds a distinguished, mature and cultured edge to their personal style.

It seems that women like gray beards, after all. Perhaps it’s because this natural sign of aging indicates that a man is mature and has his life established. And, once again, it doesn’t hurt that the male sex symbols of Hollywood are also letting those grays take center-stage.

Different Ways to Rock a Gray Beard

There are a few different looks that complement graying facial hair more than others. Below are our personal favorites.

#1: Full Gray, Full Beard

A full beard that’s totally gray is becoming a trendy look these days. It seems to make a man look more cultured, as though he’s seen the world. The key to rocking this beard style is trimming and shaping the beard properly. A messy, overgrown gray beard can leave you looking like Santa Claus rather than a distinguished gentleman.

#2: Salt & Pepper Short Beard

We can’t get enough of the salt & pepper look on men rocking short beards. This look is subtle, yet it adds sophistication in a big way. Again, the key is keeping things nice and neat so that you look like you’re embracing those grays, not that you’re too lazy to keep up with grooming.

#3: Salt & Pepper Stubble

Salt & pepper stubble is another look that women seem to find irresistible. It gives off the air of someone who isn’t trying too hard. This is also a very easy look to achieve and maintain.

Tips for Making Your Gray Beard Look as Sharp as Possible Heading into 2022

Now, let’s get into the things that you should do if you’re ready to embrace those grays and let them grow. These tips will ensure that your gray facial hair works for you and not against you.

Tip #1: Keep It Neat and Tidy

First, as we indicated earlier, keeping that beard neat and tidy is crucial. An unkempt gray beard looks like you don’t care whatsoever and conjures up images of recluses who don’t want to be seen. A neat, tidy beard, however, looks distinguished and gentlemanly. So, stay on top of those trims and put effort into maintaining an even, clean shape.

Tip #2: Beard Care Products Go a Long Way

As we age, our facial hair follicles produce less and less moisture, which is why gray hair is often associated with dryness and frizz. This means that it’s extra important that you maintain your beard with high-quality beard care products like beard oils and beard balms. This will keep that gray beard smooth, neat and silky rather than wiry and messy.

Tip #3: Use Some Touch-Up Color if Necessary

If you’re not ready to commit to a full-gray look, you can master the salt and pepper style with some touch-up product. Today, you can find beard dye combs that give you a natural salt and pepper look. These products are easy to use, and no one will ever be able to tell that you’re actually dyeing your beard.

Tip #4: Make Sure Your Hair and Beard Complement Each Other

Remember that for any man, a beard must complement their hairstyle. This means that both the cut and color of your hair needs to enhance the look of your beard. So, put some effort into making sure that the hair on your head works with the hair on your face.

The Gray Beard Trend Outlook is Looking Strong for 2022!

Overall, gray beards have never been more popular, and needless to say, this is quite a relief to any man, especially one who is over the age of 40. Even though gray beards are becoming stylish once again, you still need to put some effort into maintaining that facial hair so that it looks its very best. Use this guide to keep that gray beard looking flawless at any age.

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