Common Mistakes When Applying Mustache Wax

Mustache wax is an essential grooming product to any guy who needs a little extra help keeping his beard tidy or styled, as it offers a stronger hold than typical balms and oils can provide. But it is important to know how to use wax properly to get as much out of it as possible.

Today, we will be talking about the most common mustache wax mistakes that men make, and how to correct them.

Using the Wrong Formula

The first mistake is simply choosing the wrong formula. It’s important to go with a beard wax that uses natural, high-quality ingredients, as many chemical-based ingredients used in men’s grooming products can be drying to the facial hair and irritating to the skin. Look for all-natural plant-based ingredients that are rich in nourishing nutrients, and supply moisture to the beard with plant butters and plant waxes combined with naturally derived oils. These will improve the condition of your beard while preventing irritation and dryness.

Not Knowing Your Beard Type

It is crucial to know your beard type in order to choose the best formula. Thicker, coarser beards need thicker consistencies to keep facial hair tame, while thinner, finer hair can be weighed down by heavier waxes.

Using Too Much Wax

Using too much wax may seem like the way to go to really keep those hairs in place, but it will almost certainly backfire, as the beard will end up looking greasy, and be weighed down instead of looking fresh and healthy. Wax is extraordinarily rich, so a little tends to go a long way. It’s always better to start with a little and add more as needed, than put too much on at once and have to rinse it out to start over.

Using Too Little Wax

Alternatively, using too little wax is another common mistake. Using too little beard wax will have little to no desired effect on the stache and beard, so make sure that you use enough that you actually see the results you’re looking for take place right away.

Not Distributing the Wax Evenly

A quite common mistake is failing to distribute the wax evenly throughout the mustache. Simply combing the wax through it with your fingers for two or three seconds isn’t enough. The wax needs to get into each strand of hair. This can be accomplished using a beard comb, which effortlessly coats the entire area in an even layer of wax.

Not Focusing on the Ends

Remember that the ends of each facial hair are the most vulnerable to damage, dryness and breakage, as the natural oils produced by the follicles struggle to travel that far down each strand. This is why you should put more wax on the ends of the hair than on the roots. Make sure to really massage the wax into the ends of the stache to seal in moisture and prevent breakage from occurring due to splitting of the hair cuticles.

Applying Wax to a Dirty Stache

Applying wax to a mustache that isn’t clean is a pointless endeavor. When the hair is dirty, a layer of oil coats each strand, which prevents the wax from settling onto the hair. Men should wash their beards at least once a week, and more frequently if they have thin or fine hair. Wax will do its job more efficiently if it is applied to clean hair, which is more eager to absorb the ingredients in an effort to acquire moisture from the outside.

Not Using Wax with a Beard Oil

You should always apply wax along with beard oil. The beard oil should go directly onto a clean beard, and be given a minute or so to absorb, followed by the application of beard wax. Beard oil provides intensive moisture, which all facial hair needs, while the wax can act as a seal, keeping that moisture inside the strands for maximum replenishment. Using beard oil after wax is not the way to go, as the wax creates a seal that stops the oil from getting into the strands.

Mustache Wax Can Be a Transformative Product

But only if you use it correctly. Keep these tips in mind so that you apply it in the proper manner to finally see the results you desire. At Texas Beard Company, our Beard Wax is made with natural ingredients that can restore your mustache’s health while keeping it tame and styled all day long.

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