Today's Beard Style Basics: Curly and Straight Beards

There’s never a wrong or a right to what style of beards you can keep. Men choose to grow their beards either curly or straight depending on their preferences. If you’re looking to straighten your curly beard, you can find some legit tips on here to accomplish that look. If you’re someone whose going from a straight beard to a curly one, this article has also got you covered with its effective ways to bring about that transformation.

How to Get Curly Beard Hair

Men who opt for a round and full looking beard usually prefer a curly beard. It is easier to generate some volume with curvy and squiggly hair strands. But having a curly beard doesn’t come without responsibilities. A curly beard perhaps requires more grooming than a straight one. This is due to several reasons. Curly beards grow like spiral springs that tend to tangle up. Routine beard combing (super gently) can help overcome breakage and roughness. It is also necessary to trim the beard more often because the hair growth springs out into different directions, which make it look untidy and bushy. Use natural beard oils frequently to soften it and do not wash beards with shampoo all that much. This helps avoid chemical damage. Also, towel dry the beard by patting the skin gently. Once, you’ve employed grooming tips, you should consider the following tips to make the beard curly:

- Use gels that keep your beard style intact. Keeping a certain style for a prolong period adds waves to the otherwise straight beard hair. But which beard styles sustain a curly beard look? The Razors Edge is a good option to consider. Extending your beard at least 4 inches from the chin and allowing the edges to curve in by trimming them inwards, gives the beard its long curve. Then, use rollers or a curler wand once a day to fine tune the curls. Maintain the look long enough to ensure your hair gets accustomed to curls and waves.

- Use Butch Wax - although, the idea seems obsolete, there is a reason why it was once a legit talk of the town for men with beards. Our grandfather’s generation knew how to sport an electrified look using this wax that has remarkable stifling properties. However, butch wax also has two hazardous properties — it is flammable and freezes in cold weather.

- If you’re a history person you might have noticed many of the history textbooks show pictures of sculptures of men in which their beards are sculptured in ringlets. There is yet more evidence to establish the speculation that men from the past curled their beards. Artifacts such as an Egyptian bronze curler tong shows these instruments existed for this very purpose. Movies that depict men from ancient Rome and Persia, show men with braided beards. This shows several of these techniques were used to curl beards and we can use some of these ideas even today.

How to Get Straight Beard Hair

You can straighten the beard hair by grooming it in a healthy way. The softer the beard hair is the more malleable it is. The rigidness makes it difficult for the beard to remain straight or directed in a single direction. So, the prerequisite for straightening your beard hair is having a healthy and a nourished beard. Use beard oils, proper washing (but do not wash frequently) and proper combing before applying any straightening techniques.

- Use a blow dryer, if you only want to occasionally straighten your hair. Make sure you oil your beard prior to washing it with a conditioning shampoo. Once the beard is soft, the blow-dry would effectively straighten it and hold in for long.

- Use a straightening gel when the beard is still wet, wrap around a towel for a few hours. Then, comb it gently. This makes the beard somewhat straight.

- Use a straightening iron if you want a perfectly, smooth and straight beard. There are perhaps, irons designed for beards. Explore the best ones to buy.

- Use a proper beard equipment such as a beard comb. A good wooden beard comb is sturdy and the teeth glide through the hair without causing the hair to break. This effectively straightens out the tangy, bushy hair.

- A beard spray is an alternative to applying heat to your beard. It is easier to use. It has properties of beard oils.

Some of these methods are harmless but others can take a toll on your beard health, so make sure to be moderate in your usage. The natural methods are the most recommended ones. To get a fresh and maintained look, trim your beard often. Remove the split ends and do not burden your hair follicles by excessive washing or by applying excessive heat. Keep your beard soft and nourished always, as this will complement any beard styles that you try on.

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